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Managing Clusters

On the Clusters screens, you can view a list of the clusters that are registered in Control Center. On this screen, you can add, remove, activate, and deactivate clusters.

Clusters Screen

The following information is available on the Clusters screen:

Column Description


The name of the cluster. See Cluster Name.

Last seen

The last time that the cluster was connected to Control Center.


Indicates whether the cluster is connected to Control Center.

Baseline Size

The number of nodes that are registered in the baseline topology.

Client Nodes

The number of client nodes.

Server Nodes

The number of server nodes.


The product edition that the cluster uses (either GridGain edition or Apache Ignite).


The version of the product.


Indicates whether the cluster is secured by authentication.

Cluster Name

Every cluster is identified by a name. When a cluster starts for the first time, the cluster’s default name is generated automatically.

GridGain users can change a cluster’s name by using the control script. See Cluster Name.

The name of the current cluster is displayed in the top-right corner:

Custer name

Switching Between Clusters

If multiple clusters are registered in Control Center, you can switch between clusters by using the Select Cluster control at the top of the screen.

Adding Clusters

When a cluster connects to Control Center, it prints an auto-generated token to the console of the coordinator node. You use this token to register the cluster in Control Center. Tokens are single use and expire after 5 minutes. Once a token is registered in a Control Center instance, it becomes invalid. You will need to generate a new token if you want to register the cluster again.

To add a cluster:

  1. Go to the Clusters screen and click ATTACH CLUSTER.

  2. If you attach Apache Ignite, make sure to switch to Apache Ignite in the wizard.

  3. Paste the token into the dialog and click OK.

  4. The wizard will confirm that the cluster was found and attached.

If your cluster is protected by authentication, you will be asked to enter the username and password.

Generating a Token

To generate a token, use the management script:

./ --token
./management.bat --token

Activating and Deactivating Clusters

The Status column indicates whether a cluster is or isn’t active. To activate or deactivate a cluster, click the icon and, from the menu, select Activate or Deactivate.