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Snapshot Operation History

The users of GridGain Ultimate edition can view the history of snapshot operations in the Operation History tab of the Snapshots screen.

Operation History

By default, the tab displays the following information for each snapshot operation:

Column Description

Snapshot ID

The snapshot ID.

Operation ID

The ID of the operation.


The operation performed: Create, Check, Move, or Delete.


The snapshot type: Full or Incremental.


The method that was used to create the snapshot: Scheduled or Manual.

Start time

The time when the operation started.


The operation duration.


The status of the operation: Finished, Failed, Running, or Unknown.

For operations whose status is Failed, you can view the failure reason in the Reasons for failure dialog. You this dialog by clicking the Failed link in the operation’s Status field.

Failure Reasons

You can filter the list using the Filters section in the right-hand part of the tab.

You can also use the status buttons (Running, Finished, etc.) that appear across the top of the tab to filter the operation list by status.

You can hide/show the operation list columns:

  1. Click in the list title bar.

  2. In the column list that opens, select or clear check boxes by the relevant column names.