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Control Center 2021.05.00 Release Notes

What’s New in This Release


GridGain® Control Center is a comprehensive, customizable cluster management and developer tool for Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain applications. Use Control Center to query data across caches, monitor performance metrics, define and track production alerts, take snapshots for backup and recovery, and collect and analyze API traces. The latest Control Center 2021.05.00 release adds a new subscription model for the online version of Gridgain Control Center and UX/bug fixes.

Note: GridGain Control Center 2021.05.01 Supports GridGain 8.7.23+. You will need to update your version of GridGain in order to work with Control Center 2021.05.00. Apache Ignite users will need to update their Ignite Agent to

GridGain Control Center Managed Service

GridGain Control Center is available as a managed service. This updated version includes all of the traditional Control Center features and also adds expanded storage so that you can track cluster performance data over longer timeframes for better trend analysis. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to check out all of the functionality. Additional information about this release can be found on the Control Center blog.

Fixed Issues

61 Issues were fixed and added in this release.

This list includes the following:

Issue ID Category Description



Fixed alignment of status icons in tables



Simplify landing page for Control Center



Tracing screen should not show if Tracing has not been enabled on the cluster



Add Node-based licensing for Control Center managed service



Upgrade internal GridGain to 8.8.4



Add subscription and billing options for Control Center managed service



Implement 30 day trial for Control Center managed service

Known Issues

The following known issues have suggested workarounds.

Issue ID Category Description Workaround



Cache Histogram metrics should be aggregated instead of reported per node

Cache metrics graphs may have incomplete data

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