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Snapshot Management

The users of GridGain Ultimate edition can manage snapshots via the Snapshots tab of the Snapshots screen. This tab lets you create, restore, copy, move, delete, and perform integrity check of snapshots.

In addition to the snapshots created in Control Center, the list of snapshots contains the snapshots that were created by using programming APIs or the snapshot management tool. See Snapshots and Recovery or our video guide.

Snapshots Screen

The Snapshots screen displays the following information about each snapshot:

Column Description

Start Time

Time when the snapshot create operation began


Full or incremental


The snapshot ID


The method that was used to create the snapshot, automatically on a schedule or manually


The status of the snapshot operation that is being executed on the snapshot. The column shows the progress of the operation while the operation is in progress, and changes to OK when the operation is complete.


The number of caches included in the snapshot. Click the number to view the names of the caches.

Creating Snapshots

To create a snapshot, click CREATE SNAPSHOT and specify the following options:

  • Snapshot Type. Full or incremental snapshot

  • Compression Level. Snapshots can be compressed in the ZIP format. You can select the compression level. “1” indicates the fastest speed, and “9” indicates the best compression.

  • Include all caches in the snapshot. Create a snapshot that includes all caches. You can uncheck this option and select individual caches to be included in the snapshot.

Then, click CREATE. A snapshot will be created in each node’s snapshot folder. Each node saves its part of the data. The snapshot folder is specified in the node configuration.

Create Snapshot

Restoring Snapshots

To restore a snapshot, click on the icon in the table row that corresponds to the snapshot that you want to restore and, from the drop-down menu, select Restore from Snapshot.

Copying/Moving Snapshots

To move or copy a snapshot to a specific path, click the icon and select Move or Copy. Then, in the dialog box that appears, enter the destination path and click OK. The destination path must be available on each node.

Verifying Snapshot Integrity

To verify that the snapshot data is not broken, run an integrity check. To run the check, click the icon and select Check. The status column is updated with the results of the check.