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Control Center 2022.3.2 Release Notes

What’s New in This Release


GridGain® Control Center is a comprehensive, customizable cluster management and developer tool for Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain applications. Use Control Center to query data across caches, monitor performance metrics, define and track production alerts, take snapshots for backup and recovery, and collect and analyze API traces. The latest Control Center 2022.3.2 release includes a number of UX and bug fixes.

New Features

Improved and Updated Teams

The Teams and Cluster Management screens were modified to support the team management and cluster sharing in a more intuitive way. In addition to email address, users can now be added to teams based on their name or LDAP ID. Events such as addition of a user to a team, sharing a cluster with a team, etc., now trigger email notifications to the relevant users.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Control Center Changes

Issue ID Category Description



Fixed monitoring for accounts registered by using OpenID Connect or single sign-on.



Updated version of jackson from 2.13.4 to 2.14.1 to fix CVE-2022-40152 and CVE-2022-41915.



Streamlined cluster sharing with teams and users.



Added different links for empty state



Fixed Running queries in the Running Queries tab never changing their status.



Query metrics in the SQL dashboard template now use percent values.



Added the Node Uptime column to the Nodes widget.



Cluster ID dialog now ignores whitespaces around the ID.

Known Issues

False Positive Spring-Web Vulnerability

GridGain Control Center uses spring-websocket dependency, which, in turn depends on spring-web.

A high-risk CVE-2016-1000027 was discovered in spring-web, and a vulnerability scan would discover it in Control Center. Our code is not affected by this vulnerability, as we do not use affected classes, so this warning is a false positive.

The vulnerability is fixed in spring-6.0, however it requires Java 17 and the update is not possible currently.

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