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Managing Users

There are two types of users in Control Center: admin users and non-admin users. Non-admin users can log in and monitor clusters. Admin users can manage users (lock/unlock accounts, grant admin privileges, etc.) and update Control Center license.

To view the list of users registered in Control Center, open the Admin screen and go to the USER MANAGEMENT tab (should be opened by default). The Admin screen is available only to admin users.


Admin Account

When control Center is launched, a special URL is provided in the log. Open the URL in your browser and an account. This account will be provided with administrator permissions.

Granting or Revoking Admin Privileges

To grant or revoke admin privileges, click on the icon next to the user’s name and select Grant Admin or Revoke Admin.

Locking or Unlocking User Accounts

Users with an admin role can lock or unlock user accounts. A locked account can no longer log in but is not deleted. This applies to on-premises installations only.