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Managing License

Control Center requires a license to operate. Contact the Sales team to get a license, then upload it to Control Center.

Uploading License via UI

Once you have received the license (an XML file):

  1. Open the Admin screen and go to the LICENSE tab. You will see the terms of the current license:

    • The number of nodes allowed

    • License expiration date

  2. Click UPDATE LICENSE and upload your license file.

Adding License Before Startup

To add a license to a new installation, you can place the license file, in the Control Center root/license folder. On the initial startup, Control Center will load the license file and apply the license.

Automatically Updating License

Instead of Uploading License via UI every time you need to update it, you can configure Control Center to update license automatically:

  1. Enable the file watcher mechanism by adding control.license.filestorage=true to the Control Center configuration.

  2. Set the control.license.path to the license path location. For example:

    control.license.path=/etc/cc/license/control-center-license.xml - absolute or control.license.path=license/2023/control-center-license.xml - relative to root

  3. Store the license file at the control.license.path location.

When the watcher discovers a new or updated license file, it will validate the license and, if the file is validated successfully, apply the new license. If the file fails validation, the old license will remain in power.

If you decide to update the license via UI while the file watcher is enabled, Control Center will store the manually uploaded license at control.license.path. If control-center-license.xml is already stored there, it will be renamed to control-center-license.bak.xml.