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Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard screen provides metrics for and essential information about the cluster. The screen contains several widgets. A widget is a UI element that provides a visual representation of a set of metrics or provides information about the state of the cluster. On the Dashboard, you can add any number of widgets.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard screen consists of the following elements:

  • Tab bar — for arranging widgets into tabs. By default, there is one tab which is called "Default Dashboard" and provides a predefined set of widgets. You can add tabs and reorganize the size and location of any widget.

  • Time Period control — for selecting the time period for charts.

  • ADD WIDGET button — for adding a widget.

Adding Tabs

To add a tab, click the icon located in the tab bar. The menu of each tab enables you to rename, clone, or remove the tab.

Changing the Time Period For Charts

The Tab bar contains a Time Period control. The control enables you to select the time period for charts on the current tab. You can select a time period from a predefined set of values (from 5 minutes to up to 7 days). The time period applies to all charts in the current tab. Different tabs can have different time periods.

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