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Use the Caches screen to monitor and manage the active caches. The screen consists of the following tabs: Cache List, Partition Distribution, and Lost Partitions.

Cache List

The Cache list tab displays a table containing all active caches, including the name of the cache, its mode, and atomicity. For more information on modes and atomicity, please see the Data Partitioning and the Atomicity Modes sections.

Cache List

The table with displayed caches supports filtering. Use the Filters pane on the right to filter caches by name, mode, atomicity, or cache ID.

To manage a cache, use the context menu. The menu contains the following items:

Menu item Description

Show Partition Distribution

Redirects to the Partition Distribution tab with the corresponding information on partition distribution of the selected cache.

Show Lost Partitions

Redirects to the Lost Partitions tab with the corresponding information on lost partitions (if any) of the selected cache.

Show Cache Configuration

Opens the read-only Cache Configuration dialog. See Configure Caches for more details.

Load From Cache Store

Executes the cache.loadCache() method for the selected cache to preload data from the underlying database into memory.

Run Rebalance

Starts rebalance process. See Data Rebalancing for more details.

Clear Selected Cache

Removes all entries from the cache.

Destroy Selected Cache

Removes the cache.