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Managing Teams

You can use Control Center Teams to share Control Center features between team members. Any user can create a team and share features with it.

Teams Page

Working with Teams

Global Teams

You can set a global team with account.globalTeam.enabled configuration property. This creates a global team, which includes all users.

You can also automatically attach new clusters to a global team by setting account.globalTeam.attachCluster property.

Creating a Team

To create a team, open the Teams screen and press Add Team. Control Center will prompt you for a team name. Team names are not unique for a Control Center instance. You do not need the Admin role to create a team.

Renaming a Team

To rename a team, click next to the team name and select Rename. Edit the team name and click Save. Only team owners can rename teams.

Removing a Team

To remove a team, click next to the team name and select Remove. In the confirmation dialog click Remove. All shared features are unassigned from deleted teams.

Managing Users in a Team

Teams consist of two types of users: Owners and Members. Owners act as team Admins, and can manage all users in a team.

Adding Users to a Team

After the team is created, any user with the Owner role can add users to it. On the Teams screen, press Add User and specify the user e-mail to add the user to the currently selected team. New users have the Member role.

Promoting and Demoting Users

Owners can promote a team Member to the Owner role. Click and select Grant Owner Role to promote a user. In the confirmation dialog, press Grant.

Owners can also demote another Owner to a Member role. Click and select Revoke Owner Role. The user is then moved to the Member role.

Removing a User

Owners can remove a user from the team. Click next to the user you want to remove and select Remove. In the confirmation dialog, press Remove.

Leaving a Team

Any team member except for the last Owner can leave a team at any time. Click next to your user in a team and select Leave.

If you are the only Owner of the team, you need to promote one of the Members to the Owner role before leaving.

Teams and Clusters

Owners manage which clusters the Team has access to. All cluster management is done on the Clusters page.

Any team member can work with clusters available to the team.

Sharing a Personal Cluster With a Team

To share a cluster with a team, switch to the Clusters page and press for the cluster you want to share, then select Share with Team. The cluster is then added to the team. A cluster can be added only to one team at a time. You can only share personal clusters.

You can also share a new cluster with a team when you are adding it. In the Add Cluster dialog select the Attach to team checkbox and select a team you want to share it with.

Viewing Team Clusters

Any team member can check which clusters are assigned to a team by switching to the Clusters page and using the dropdown at the top-left of the screen. This only affects the Clusters page, and data displayed on other pages remains unchanged.

Control Center remembers what cluster you selected and displays it next time you open the page. If the cluster was reassigned in the meantime, it opens the new team it is assigned to.

Removing a Cluster From a Team

Owners can also remove clusters from teams. To remove a cluster from a team, first switch to the team you want to remove it from as described above, then click next to the cluster you want to remove and select Remove. This removes the cluster from the team. The cluster is still available in Personal Clusters.