Training to Help You Master GridGain and Apache Ignite

Become an in-memory computing expert with comprehensive instructor-led training courses for the Apache® Ignite and GridGain® in-memory computing platforms. Learn how to develop, deploy and manage game-changing Fast Data applications. Whether you use GridGain or Apache Ignite as an in-memory data grid or an in-memory database or using their streaming analytics or continuous learning capabilities, our training sessions can provide you with the information you need to be successful.


Apache Ignite and GridGain Fundamentals Training Agenda

Our 3-day training session provides all of the information you need to deploy, configure, monitor and manage GridGain or Apache Ignite. Our instructors cover the basic concepts underlying the GridGain and Apache Ignite in-memory computing platforms. They help you understand how to deploy and configure the platform for optimal performance in your specific use case. The instructors then explain how to monitor and manage the platform for optimum performance in production environments. You will learn the fundamentals of Apache Ignite and GridGain, including data, compute and service grids. You will master topics such as ACID compliance, security features, replication for high availability, performance tuning, and deployment topologies to ensure you develop the skills necessary to build next generation in-memory applications. Hands-on coding exercises that build on each other follow each section to reinforce the concepts and provide samples to help you keep moving on after the course is completed.

Course Outline: Day One
  • Core fundamentals (why GridGain and Apache Ignite)
  • Overview of the features, architecture
  • Full feature overview of both GridGain and Apache Ignite features
  • Basic introduction to high availability and multi-DC replication concepts
  • Deep dive into the In-Memory Data Grid
  • Partitioning, affinity keys, eviction
  • SQL queries, indexes, joins and transactions
Course Outline: Day Two
  • Deep dive into the In-Memory Compute Grid
  • Compute and data locality
  • Peer class loading
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Introduction to the In-Memory Service Grid
  • Hadoop and Spark Acceleration
  • Streaming Analytics
Course Outline: Day Three
  • High availability and multi-data center replication
  • Security and authentication
  • Performance
  • Understanding performance constraints
  • JVM Heap tuning
  • Cluster sizing
  • Troubleshooting common problems

Future-Proof Your Career

The demand for expert developers and architects of low-latency, web-scale applications for deployment on-premises or in the cloud (SaaS) is outpacing the supply as in-memory computing revolutionizes data processing and storage. Be trained now and future-proof your career by learning how to build next-generation applications for the new world of Fast Data.