GridGain Nebula

A fully managed service for Apache Ignite and GridGain.
Available in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

The most reliable, secure and cost-effective way to run your clusters in production

Focus on building high-performance, scalable apps—not on operations

Let the Nebula team handle management and operational tasks such as upgrading software, patching, scaling, monitoring, provisioning, recovering from outages and optimizing performance.

scalable apps—not on operations

Achieve optimal performance and scale

The Nebula team monitors, scales and optimizes your environment to proactively adapt to changing application loads and meet SLAs.

Automatic scaling and performance optimizations

Maintain high-availability across geographies, with four nines of uptime

With deep experience and proven best practices, the Nebula team ensures round-the-clock availability of your mission critical applications.

High-availability, with 99,99% uptime

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