GridGain Nebula

GridGain Nebula

The Cloud-native management, monitoring and provisioning pay-as-you-go service for Apache Ignite. Nebula is the quickest, most reliable, secure and cost-effective way to run Ignite & GridGain clusters in production.

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Focus on building highly performant, scalable apps — not on operations

We provide Apache Ignite as a service so you can freely focus on the development of Ignite-powered solutions. Let the Nebula team manage and operate your clusters, including upgrading software, patching, monitoring, provisioning, recovering from outages and optimizing performance.

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Keep coding with Apache Ignite APIs

As a company of software engineers, GridGain places a high value on freedom of choice. Nebula uses the same Ignite APIs so you can easily move from your self-managed Ignite instances to Nebula, and back again if ever required.

Nikita Ivanov

Nikita Ivanov

Ignite co-creator,
Founder & CTO,

«As one of the co-creators of Apache Ignite, having written its very first lines of code, l know how many days and nights it can take to develop a high-performing and scalable Ignite cloud deployment configuration. GridGain Nebula was engineered to revolutionize this status quo. It enables software engineers to now focus most of their time on development and innovation.»

The latest technological advances in in-memory computing and enterprise-grade support delivered as a SaaS offering

HydraDragon (coming in 2022) Services & Operations Core Platform
Core Platform Core Platform
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  • Apache Ignite Database
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Cluster Snapshots
  • Other Enterprise-Grade Features

Our core is Apache Ignite – a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed. SQL, transactions, RDBMS-grade persistence — Ignite offers all this and more.

Nebula implements many of the battle-tested enterprise features of the GridGain Platform. Backups, enterprise-grade security and more help us maintain high-availability and meet your SLAs.

Services & Operations Services & Operations
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  • GridGain Control Center
  • World-Class Operations Team

GridGain Control Center is the only comprehensive troubleshooting, management and monitoring solution engineered specifically for Apache Ignite: this at the core of our observability framework. This tool lets us monitor the state of your cluster in real-time, react to anomalies proactively, perform essential management tasks, run backup schedules and much more. The integrated Control Center also helps you develop and tune SQL, analyze data distribution, and deploy and debug custom code.

The Nebula team is staffed by senior-level engineers and architects who contribute to Ignite and support mission-critical applications on a daily basis. They will have no problem taking care of your cluster deployments and dealing with any emerging issues.

HydraDragon (coming in 2022) HydraDragon (coming in 2022)
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  • Columnar Store
  • GPU memory and instruction set
  • Vectorized instructions (SIMD, AVX)

Our next-generation storage engine for hybrid-transactional analytical workloads will be available to all Ignite users without exception through Nebula. HydraDragon expands the default Ignite storage engine by introducing columnar storage, native support for vectorized instruction sets, GPUs and much more.

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