Digital Integration Hub

What Is a Digital Integration Hub?

A Digital Integration Hub is a powerful solution for:

  • API call management and reduction
  • Enabling real-time analytics spanning operational and historical data
  • Creating common data access layers which allow many business applications to access data from many disparate databases
  • Many other use cases which enable digital transformation

Gartner defines, in their November 2019 report "Innovation Insight: The Digital Integration Hub Turbocharges Your API Strategy", a Data Integration Hub (DIH) as “…an advanced application architecture that aggregates multiple back-end system of record data sources into a low-latency and scale-out, high-performance data store. A DIH typically supports access to data via an API services layer. The high-performance data store is synchronized with the back-end sources via some combination of event-based, request-based, and batch integration patterns.” Users can leverage Data Integration Hubs to implement high-throughput, large-scale, low-latency front-end services. In-memory data grids have proven to be a powerful building block upon which Data Integration Hub architectures can be built. These DIHs can span multiple source databases and cloud-based systems while supporting the operation of large numbers of customer-facing business applications.

In-memory data grids are key components of a Digital Integration Hub architecture. Through a unified API, they can cache data from many underlying data stores including databases, cloud-based applications, and data streams. The IMDG can then process the data in real-time and provide access to the cached data through a unified API, which provides access to a wide range of data users such as line-of-business applications, consumer-facing websites and applications, or business intelligence applications. The IMDG supports business application code to run on the in-memory computing nodes, providing tremendous performance benefits by parallelizing the workload.

Digital Integration Hub Architecture

Digital Integration Hub Architecture

The GridGain in-memory computing platform is a proven, valuable SQL-based in-memory data grid for industries ranging from retail businesses to financial services. Watch the videos below to hear from companies building internal or packaged Digital Integration Hub architectures. To learn more about Digital Integration Hubs, download our application note titled "Powering Your Digital Transformation with a Digital Integration Hub" now. To learn more about the GridGain in-memory computing platform, download our Introducing the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform white paper now.

The 24 Hour Fitness Digital Integration Hub

Learn how 24 Hour Fitness offloads API calls and enables new data access features by implementing a Digital Integration Hub built on the GridGain in-memory computing platform.

IBM Discusses DIHs for Financial Services

IBM describes how a Digital Integration Hub can be deployed on the Z mainframe using GridGain for z/OS for financial services uses cases.

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