Powering Your Digital Transformation With a Digital Integration Hub


Digital Integration Hubs (DIH) solve a key challenge enterprises face when driving toward real-time business processes in an environment where data is spread across multiple internal and external systems, data warehouses and cloud-based data lakes which are not immediately available for processing. A DIH can provide data for real-time business processes by reducing data access delays, reducing the API calls to multiple data sources and creating a common data access layers which allow many business applications to access data from many disparate databases.

The GridGain in-memory computing platform, built on Apache Ignite, has proven to be a key component of digital integration hub architectures. GridGain can cache data from many underlying data stores, including databases, SaaS applications, and incoming data streams. An API services layer automatically synchronizes the data via change data capture with the backend sources, so business applications need not make direct API calls to each data store.

Download the application note to learn more about the GridGain powered digital integration hub architecture and read about real-world deployment use cases.

Powering Your Digital Transformation With a Digital Integration Hub