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Be Part of the Movement to Redefine “Real Time”

Join the GridGain team as we raise the world's expectations for ultra-low latency data processing, computation, and analytics.

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Why GridGain?

We live in a world that increasingly expects instant gratification. To remain competitive, enterprises must process and analyze extraordinary amounts of information in milliseconds.

GridGain's Unified Real-Time Data Platform enables a simplified and optimized data architecture for enterprises that require extreme speed, massive scale, and high availability from their data ecosystem. It seamlessly combines streaming data in-motion and historical data at-rest with compute functionality to help companies handle complex data workloads at ultra-low latencies.

GridGain is trusted by companies like Citi, Barclays, American Airlines, AutoZone, and UPS to accelerate their critical applications, smart decisions, and AI operations.

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— Ben Dornbush, Business Development Manager
“I love being part of GridGain because we have a collaborative and creative team backed by unique data technology. With the world fully rooted in the importance of "the now," GridGain's unified real-time data platform delivers mission critical data workflows across any industry vertical, operational initiative, and business need, driving immediate results. With such expansive potential for growth, it's an incredibly exciting place to be!”

GridGain Values

We treat every employee with dignity and respect, valuing diverse perspectives, and fostering a culture of inclusivity.
We encourage creativity, trust and recognition which ultimately empowers our employees to think outside the box and excel.
We strive for excellence in the quality and impact of our products. Our hunger for distinction drives innovation.
We are dedicated to understanding and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We take pride in knowing what we do matters to our customers.
Our commitment to the community, passion for our craft and a desire to be the best drives our meaningful work, acknowledging the importance of our contributions.

Working and Thriving

At GridGain, it’s all about balance. Balancing a fast-paced startup environment with the flexibility to enjoy life and care for yourself and others. Balancing the challenges of creating a new data market with making sure all employees have the support and resources to do the best work of their careers. Balancing remote work with in-person team building and all-company events. All while providing a great company culture with a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Here are some of the other great benefits of being a GridGainer.

Work from anywhere! Working remotely is the primary option for most employees.
Wellness Stipend
Stay healthy with a monthly stipend for gym memberships and wellness programs.
Time to Recharge
Take the time you need to rest and care for your loved ones with generous paid time off and holidays.
Competitive Compensation
Know that you are valued with a highly competitive salary and benefits package.
A Stake in GridGain’s Success
Take ownership with generous new-hire equity and refresh grants.
Employee Referral Program
Get rewarded for referring friends and colleagues for other positions worldwide.
Financial Benefits
Maintain your financial health with paid life insurance and retirement accounts.
Employee Recognition
Enjoy company-wide recognition for achievements and work anniversaries.
Flexible Spending Accounts
Use pre-tax funds to pay for medical or dependent care expenses.
— Dan Yang, Customer Support Engineer
“At GridGain, your time is invested where it truly counts, free from unnecessary micromanagement or typical corporate distractions.”

Are You a GridGainer?

There are a lot of choices to consider in managing your career, and many factors will influence your decision on where you work. Here are just a few reasons GridGainers chose GridGain. You may be a GridGainer too if:

Being part of a team that delivers cutting-edge technology is top of your list. Our Unified Real-Time Data Platform enables a modern, simplified and optimized data architecture. We are changing the definition of "real time," and the world's expectations for high-speed data processing and analytics.

Joining a diverse workforce with a welcoming sense of community is a high priority. We offer a global workforce with employees in 10 countries. We also are proud of the fact that the average tenure of a GridGainer is 3+ years, with many current GridGainers celebrating their 5-, 7-, and 10-year anniversaries this year.

You are looking for growth opportunities and career advancement. GridGain has you covered! Growing as an individual holds the same importance as being part of a successful team – they go hand-in-hand in our recipe for success. GridGainers are excited about the opportunity to learn new skills while continuously furthering their development, professionally and personally.

You have a life outside of work. Our remote-first work environment paired with our generous PTO policy ensures that GridGainers always have a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Feeling valued is a key component in deciding what company you want to work for. We offer GridGainers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, pre-IPO stock options, and many other perks.

Open Roles

GridGain is growing! Join the team and play a critical role in a fast-paced Silicon Valley startup that's changing the definition of "real time," and the world's expectations for high-speed data processing, computation, and analytics.

If you do not see a position that interests you, but have what it takes to make a difference in the modern world of ultra-real-time data processing and analytics, please email us your resume at