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What is GridGain?

The highest performance and most reliable in-memory computing platform for mission-critical applications.

GridGain powers the digital enterprise with an in-memory computing platform built on Apache® IgniteTM that provides in-memory speed and massive scalability for data-intensive applications.

Distributed Key-Value

Read, write and transact with the fastest available key-value open source in-memory data grid.

Key-value APIs and support for a wide variety of languages makes it straightforward to implement GridGain.

Memory-Centric Storage

Process distributed data stored across memory and disk.

Store all data only in memory or store all data on disk and hold only a portion of data in memory but process against the whole data set.

Collocated Processing

Computations are sent to the cluster nodes to increase speed and minimize data movement.

Deploy your code on the cluster nodes and leverage the performance advantages of massively parallel processing.

Distributed SQL

A distributed computing solution with ANSI-99 SQL support including joins across nodes.

The only in-memory data grid with SQL support and the ability to function as a relational, in-memory database.

Production Monitoring

Monitoring tools available online or for on-premises use to monitor and manage your cluster.

Use the online or downloadable GridGain Control Center for version 8.7.18+ or GridGain Web Console for previous versions.

Multi-Datacenter Replication

Ensure high availability with replication of your data across multiple datacenters.

Support for datacenter replication is available in the GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Edition.

Machine and Deep Learning

Train machine learning models in-memory or easily leverage TensorFlow.

Using the Continuous Learning Framework, machine and deep learning models can be trained on your operational data set.

ACID Transactions

Configurable ACID transaction compliance across data sets.

Multiple ACID compliance options, from strict to eventual, allow you to tune performance for your specific use case.

GridGain Control Center

A comprehensive, customizable cluster management and development tool for GridGain and Apache Ignite. Includes a customizable, drag-and-drop dashboard, user-definable production alerts, query development tools, active tracing and root cause analysis, and more. Available as an online or on-premises solution.


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In this article, we look at how transactions work in Apache Ignite. We begin with an overview of Ignite’s transaction architecture and then illustrate how tracing can be used to inspect transaction logic. Finally, we review a few simple examples that show how transactions work (and why they might not work).

Since our initial launch in mid-2020, GridGain Control Center has strived to bring transparency and flexibility to the monitoring and development of Apache Ignite and GridGain applications. With each monthly update, we introduce new features to make it easier for admins and developers to understand what exactly is happening within their clusters.

Imagine that we need to build a monitoring infrastructure for a distributed database, such as Apache Ignite. Let’s put metrics into Prometheus. And, let’s draw charts in Grafana. Let’s not forget about the notification system—we’ll set up Zabbix for that. Let’s use Jaeger for traces analysis. For state management, the CLI will do.

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