Monitoring Apache Ignite Clusters with GridGain Nebula

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Monitoring Apache Ignite Clusters with GridGain Nebula
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This training course is a GridGain University self-paced eLearning course which will teach you how to monitor and manage Apache Ignite clusters with GridGain Nebula. Around 80 minutes of lessons will introduce you to the GridGain Nebula interface, the dashboards, and to monitoring in general. It will show you some of the important metrics as well as how to set up alerting or troubleshoot performance when your cluster is under production load. You also will learn how to trace applications and create, deploy and analyze SQL Queries, either on individual nodes or the whole cluster.

The course has detailed, step by step instructions on how to install the necessary prerequisite software as well as install the demo applications, so you will be able to follow the demonstrations in the training course at your own pace.

Training Topics:

  • Ignite storage monitoring - including memory and disk usage, checkpointing, and WAL-related I/O monitoring
  • Alerts configuration and triggering - to ensure that you are notified when a crucial cluster event occurs
  • Distributed tracing usage - to detect and solve bottlenecks or hot spots in operations that span multiple cluster nodes
  • Query development and tips to analyze query performance statistics

Required Preparation:

  • The training course will walk you through all of the preparation you need to follow the demos and run them yourself.