The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform Built on Apache® Ignite™

We enable data-intensive applications to scale out to hundreds of millions of transactions per second and petabytes of in-memory data while reducing query times 1,000x without changing the data or application layers. The next generation GridGain® in-memory computing platform can function as an in-memory data grid or it can be deployed as an in-memory database which combines the speed of in-memory computing with the durability of disk-based storage. Stream processing and a Continuous Learning Framework are also part of the platform. GridGain is used by customers in industries including financial services, fintech, software, healthcare, telecom, ecommerce, online services, retail, and more. A distributed computing solution, GridGain is available as a Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate Edition built on Apache® Ignite™ .

  • Sberbank selected the GridGain Systems technology to build “a platform that will enable the bank to introduce new products within hours, not weeks.”
    Herman Gref
  • The GridGain in-memory computing platform enables Sberbank to provide “unlimited performance and very high reliability” while being “much cheaper” than the technology used previously.
    Herman Gref
  • We need it to work fast and work at scale, and GridGain does. We couldn't do what we do without GridGain, and we're confident we can scale to meet the growth we anticipate.
    Jeremy Knudsen
  • With GridGain, we have achieved real-time processing of massive amounts of trade and transaction data, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling us to offer next-generation financial services to our customers.
    Felix Grevy
    Director of Product Management for
  • Before we deployed GridGain, the lag time between participant race result changes and when they were published could take up to five minutes, whereas with GridGain, it’s consistently less than ten seconds.
    Ilya Sterin
    Senior Director of Engineering
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the GridGain solution and performance.
    Igor Shpitalnik
    Chief Technology Officer
    Cyber Dust
  • [While impressive,] it’s more than the fact that we’re more than 20 times faster than without the GridGain solution. It’s the fact that we can now do what we couldn’t do before.
    Jonny Wray
    Head of Discovery Informatics
  • GridGain ensures responsiveness regardless of how much information we need to search through.
    Sakari Paloviita
  • Cluster-based computing has been around a long time, but GridGain’s In-Memory Data Fabric has really enhanced and optimized it for the SaaS landscape.
    Brian Armieri
    Chief Technology Officer

GridGain Systems Recognized as an In-Memory Computing Leader

Speed, Scale & Ease of Deployment

Tremendous Speed

Keep active data in RAM and apply massive parallel processing for 1,000x better performance than disk-based processing

Massive Scalability

Distributed computing which can be scaled out by adding new nodes at any time can support petabytes of in-memory data

ACID Transactions

Configurable ACID transaction guarantees to match performance with your requirements for speed and accuracy

SQL Support

Interact using ANSI-99 SQL with DDL and DML support for in-memory database capabilities

No Rip-and-Replace

Install between existing application and database layers with broad language and database support

Easy to Deploy

Use containers to deploy on premise, in the Cloud, or in hybrid environments

High Availability

The distributed computing environment ensures that the loss of a single node will not take down the cluster

No Memory Constraints

The memory-centric architecture can seamlessly store and process data across disk, flash, 3D Xpoint, and RAM

The GridGain In-Memory Computing Layer


On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid

Deploy on premise, in the Cloud, or on hybrid environments


Deploy using Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos and more



Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more

NoSQL and Hadoop

HDFS, Apache Cassandra, Redis, MongoDB, Apache Spark and more



ANSI SQL-99, JDBC/ODBC, Geospatial


Java, Scala, .Net, C++ and more

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