GridGain is Built On the Apache® Ignite™ In-Memory Computing Platform

We enable data-intensive applications to scale out to hundreds of millions of transactions per second while reducing query times 1,000x or more without changing the database or application layers. Our customers are in financial services, telecom, ecommerce, online services, software, retail, healthcare, and more.

GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric

The GridGain Enterprise Edition includes valuable features added to Apache® Ignite™ which make deploying and maintaining a high performance in-memory computing environment easier


  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Lightning Fast Query Processing
  • Combines OLTP and OLAP
  • Hadoop Acceleration
  • Persistent Apache Spark RDDs


  • All the Features of Apache Ignite
  • Monitoring and Management Tool
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Rolling Production Updates
  • Data Center Replication

GridGain Customers

Product Comparisons

The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric has more valuable features for current or future growth than point solutions such as data grids or in-memory databases. Check out our head-to-head comparisons and learn why organizations in industries such as financial services, telecom, ecommerce, and online services choose GridGain as their in-memory computing platform.



The In-Memory Computing Summit

The second annual conference brought in-memory computing users and vendors together for two days of learning and networking. Watch the video recordings of the breakout sessions and keynotes now to hear from major corporations such as Target, Sberbank, Workday, Intel and Wipro.


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