GridGain Customer Case Studies

Case Studies Describe How Organizations Use GridGain®

GridGain customers use Unified Real-Time Data solutions to solve the real-time performance and massive scalability requirements of their digital transformation initiatives. The case studies below describe how leading organizations use GridGain technology to address their in-memory computing needs in industries including financial services, ecommerce, online business services, retail, telecommunications, logistics and transportation, and healthcare.

Expedia Case Study

Using Apache Ignite after moving from an Apache® Cassandra™ caching architecture, Expedia reduced query times from 3 seconds to 150 milliseconds for millions of daily searches ― a 95% improvement. By accelerating the speed of flight data queries, Expedia contributes significantly to high levels of customer satisfaction, customer retention, and competitive differentiation.

FSB Technology Case Study

FSB deployed GridGain to speed up its Postgres database and scale-out their cluster. For FSB Technology to support live betting during sporting events, their betting platform must be real-time and highly performant. Huge amounts of event data must be constantly updated, and immediately available to a vast number of clients. GridGain Enterprise Edition helped FSB add nodes in the Rackspace public cloud during especially busy weekends with major sporting events.

Finastra Case Study

Finastra deployed the GridGain in-memory computing platform to embrace real-time services and satisfy evolving compliance, reporting regulations, and customer demands in Europe. As a large financial technology company, Finastra solutions must manage huge amounts of trade and accounting data. Finastra used GridGain to help to implement a new Java-based IT stack that supports data lakes instead of traditional databases.

e-Therapeutics Case Study

The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform powers e-Therapeutics’ Network Pharmacology platform so that they can identify and analyze specific networks of proteins associated with a particular disease based on computational analysis of disease cells. While performing a single analysis is relatively straightforward and does not take a lot of time, the e-Therapeutics approach involves hundreds of thousands of analyses across multiple parameter sets and assumptions, resulting in an extraordinarily compute-intensive environment.

Cyber Dust Case Study

Cyber Dust uses the GridGain in-memory computing platform to power its messaging platform. Cyber Dust delivers millions of texts a day. GridGain helps Cyber Dust process messages quickly enough in real-time and enables the company to avoid writing messages onto the database, allowing it to completely wipe clean every text and not leave a forensically recoverable trace of any message sent over its service.

International Bank Case Study

International Bank Counts on HPC and Fast Data with GridGain® A leading international bank offering investment advisory and wealth management services to private and institutional clients around the world was looking to upgrade its custom-built software system to a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution.

Experticity Case Study

Expertcity uses GridGain in-memory computing solutions to power its platform that allows over 650 lifestyle and consumer brands to connect with key brand advocates to help them improve sales in their retail channels. Experticity uses GridGain so that its architecture scales with company growth, analyzes the data quickly enough to send users to the next logical step in the personalized process, and delivers analytics information accurately and in real-time to the ever-changing data collection.

MercuryGate Case Study

Mercury Gate uses the GridGain in-memory computing platform to power its global Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for shippers, carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers. GridGain helps MercuryGate meet customer performance expectations: clients require rate information on their many shipping needs first thing in the morning and they need it quickly in order to make smart decisions that keep them competitive, save money and increase profits.

Intelligentpipe Case Study

Intelligentpipe Leverages GridGain® In-Memory Computing Platform for Real-Time Analytics Big Data Software Company Leverages GridGain for Terabytes of Mobile User Traffic Data With offices in Finland and Singapore, Intelligentpipe is a big data software company serving the global telecommunications industry by developing solutions for mobile operators to improve their business and operational processes.

Case Study: ChronoTrack

ChronoTrack selected GridGain in-memory computing solutions to help process the data from races: times, ranks and scores tens of thousands of participants in hundreds of races every week. The ChronoTrack system captures participant data multiple times in a single race across several categories. With that data, they use a calculation algorithm to establish rankings quickly. They needed a high-performance solution that distributes the algorithm calculation jobs for each race participant across many servers so race results would be available in real-time.