Intelligentpipe Leverages GridGain® In-Memory Computing Platform for Real-Time Analytics

Big Data Software Company Leverages GridGain for Terabytes of Mobile User Traffic Data

With offices in Finland and Singapore, Intelligentpipe is a big data software company serving the global telecommunications industry by developing solutions for mobile operators to improve their business and operational processes.

The Challenge: Terabytes of Data Streaming in Real-Time

Intelligentpipe's analytics product collects massive amounts of user event data from mobile operator networks and through its analysis applications, telecom and mobile operator customers make better infrastructure investment decisions. Because it had to process a tremendous amount of data from tens of millions of mobile users in real-time, Intelligentpipe needed a high-performance big data platform.

"We needed to keep up with massive amounts of traffic data generated by mobile device users — how often they consume network resources, where network demand-supply gaps are, what services users were using — such as voice services or data streaming — and so on," said Sakari Paloviita, Chief Technology Officer for Intelligentpipe. "This information helps our clients make better network investments. We needed a technology that could keep up with all this traffic and feed it to the platform quickly enough for analysis."

The company looked at the leading products available on the market, including in-memory computing solutions from GigaSpaces and GridGain. According to Jari Kuusela, Director of Product Management for Intelligentpipe, the right solution was GridGain. "GridGain was the most credible and reliable, and we chose the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform."

The Solution: The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform is an advanced data processing system, which is available as an open source distribution. It offers distributed in-memory caching, computations, and streaming, which addresses performance and provides significant scalability for Intelligentpipe by allowing the analysis application to compute on it. The GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform is a key component of Intelligentpipe's analysis platform, providing a high performance, low latency In-Memory Data Fabric that enables fast computations for multiple analytic approaches.

According to Paloviita, with GridGain in place, Intelligentpipe is able to run queries that it otherwise would not be able to run without it. "GridGain ensures responsiveness regardless of how much information we need to search through," said Paloviita. "The data we collect accumulates into the terabyte range. Our solutions analyze that data for our telecom customers so they can make better, fact based investments."

With GridGain, Intelligentpipe can leverage a new level of real-time computing power for analytics, with all the high performance benefits of in-memory computing in a simple, intuitive package. The solution also scales linearly across the deployed servers to keep up seamlessly as the business grows.

Benefits: Real-Time Analytics, Easy Integration

Kuusela says that the integration has gone easily and the GridGain team has been helpful and responsive. The solution is able to keep up with the operators’ massive data analysis needs.

"The data is fed from the real-time network stream directly to the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform," he said. "Things have gone smoothly and we haven't hit any snags or capacity limitations. Feedback from the R&D guys has been nothing but positive. So far, we're very happy and looking forward to more good things with GridGain. We'll use technology GridGain offers so we can focus on our core business ourselves."

Intelligentpipe is pleased with its selection of the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform for its high-performance computing requirements. "We know we've chosen the right solution with GridGain," said Paloviita.

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