GridGain Nebula Overview | How To Get Started With Nebula

GridGain Nebula Overview | How To Get Started With Nebula

Getting Started With GridGain Nebula:


Command used in this video to connect:
/path/to/ --verbose=true -u "jdbc:ignite:thin://{URL_TO_CLUSTER}?user={USERNAME}&password={PASSWORD}&sslMode=require"

Make sure you replace everything within and including the brackets with the information you provided. The URL can be found under Cluster Connection Templates.

GridGain Nebula is a fully managed service for Apache Ignite and GridGain that is available for cloud deployments on AWS, and the in-memory computing environment can be scaled out on-demand. GridGain offers SLAs that meet the needs of each business and provides best-in-class automation and proven system management practices to ensure availability, scalability, and compliance with required data security and privacy standards. GridGain Nebula is powered by the GridGain Control Center management and monitoring tool as well as a best-practices tools suite comprised of commercial and open source solutions which GridGain has defined based on extensive experience managing highly available in-memory computing environments.


- Save days by deploying Apache Ignite in the cloud-native way
Launching your clusters to the cloud regions of your choice now takes only a matter of minutes. Our configuration wizard guides you to select the optimal configuration setup for your workloads.

- Focus on building high-performance, scalable apps — not on operations
Let the Nebula team handle management and operational tasks such as upgrading software, patching, monitoring, provisioning, recovering from outages and optimizing performance. We provide 24/7 service, so you can freely focus on the development of Ignite-powered solutions.

- Achieve optimal performance and scale, get actionable insights
The Nebula team constantly monitors and optimizes your environment to proactively adapt to changing application loads and meet SLAs. Integrated monitoring is always available for those who’d like to continuously track key health-check metrics and get actionable insights.

- Maintain high-availability everywhere, anytime
With deep experience and proven best practices, the Nebula team ensures round-the-clock availability of your mission critical applications. Rigorous backup and disaster bounceback strategies prevent data losses and enable rapid recovery in the case of data center outages.

- Keep coding with Apache Ignite APIs
As a company of software engineers, we place a high value on freedom of choice. By using Ignite APIs throughout your code, you can make full use of GridGain Nebula for as long as you like.

- Enable multi-cloud and hybrid architectures
Build multi-cloud and hybrid solutions that connect GridGain Nebula with Ignite deployments on your premises. Keep data in a location of your choice and get the clusters synchronized in real-time with a built-in data center replication feature.

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