GridGain for z/OS

The enterprise-grade in-memory computing platform that enables real-time data access across core systems on mainframes and hybrid cloud environments

GridGain’s in-memory computing platform for z/OS enables businesses to seamlessly include data on core systems into the digital transformation process. GridGain for z/OS powers real-time analytics across the entire data estate of enterprises while leveraging existing investments in mainframes.

mainframe data at in-memory speed

IBM partnered with GridGain to optimize and harden the GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate editions for the IBM Z Platform.

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Rich SQL Engine for Mainframe and Cloud Data
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Data Replication Across Hybrid Cloud
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Advanced Data Encryption and Security
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Real-time Streaming & Analytics

IBM Z Digital Integration Hub

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To enable real-time business agility for organizations that continue to rely on the mainframe as their core systems of record, IBM launched the Z Digital Integration Hub (zDIH), built on the GridGain for z/OS platform

With IBM zDIH you can

  • Leverage your IP and investment in your mainframe based core systems of record
  • Easily connect disparate data sources, including operational databases running on z/OS, cloud based relational or NoSQL databases and data lakes to bridge data silos
  • Connect your core system of record to hybrid cloud environments and leverage your data for real-time customer facing applications, reporting and analytics
  • Minimize batch based delays and modernize your z/OS applications for a real-time, event-driven processing
  • Accelerate the development and time-to-value of data-driven hybrid cloud applications

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Customer Spotlight

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“zDIH has allowed us to create a real-time, event driven architecture that will allow our core banking data to flow to other platforms in real-time (e.g., payment processing systems, real-time fraud detection models, customer alerting platforms) while also making this information more accessible for application developers, data scientists and business analysts!”
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— Sonny Sonnenstein,
SVP & CIO at M&T Bank

The zDIH Implementation at M&T Bank
IBM Case Study

The IBM Z Digital Integration Hub

Coming soon! Explore the high-class infographic video about how the combined IBM and GridGain solution accelerates digital transformation with real-time and event-driven integration across information systems.

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GridGain for z/OS Datasheet

Manage mainframe and cloud data at in-memory speeds with GridGain's enterprise-grade in-memory computing and IBM's Z technology platform.

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IDC Technology Spotlight

A Paradigm Shift: Core Systems Data Integration and Interaction in Real Time

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