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GridGain Control Center Overview

GridGain Control Center is a management and monitoring tool for GridGain® and Apache Ignite® clusters. It features a graphical user interface that helps you perform administrative tasks and monitor your clusters.

As a GridGain Ultimate Edition customer, you can use Control Center not only to manage cluster behavior but also to create and restore snapshots and view the history of snapshot operations.

GridGain hosts a public version of Control Center, which you can use for free to monitor both GridGain and Apache Ignite clusters. Sign up for a free account or install Control Center in your own environment.

Key Features

  • Monitor performance metrics: A flexible, customizable dashboard provides a visual view of cluster status and tools for managing cluster behavior.

  • Simplify query development: A comprehensive SQL editor makes it easy to develop, monitor, and fine-tune queries to maximize performance.

  • Perform powerful root-cause analysis: OpenCensus-based tracing enables quick visualization and debugging of API calls as the calls execute across the nodes of the cluster.

  • Back up and recover data: Snapshots capture full, incremental, and continuous cluster states to enable disaster recovery and backups in the event of data loss or corruption.

  • Define Production Alerts: Custom alerts enable you to track any of more than 200 cluster, node, and cache metrics to quickly identify and resolve production issues.

Supported Versions

You can use Control Center to monitor both GridGain and Apache Ignite clusters.

The following versions are supported:

  • GridGain: 8.7.23 and later

  • Apache Ignite: 2.8.1 and later


Control center was tested on:


Oracle 14 or older, Open JDK 14 or older, IBM JDK 14 or older.

Next Steps

A standard procedure for connecting a cluster to Control Center involves the following steps: