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Control Center 2024.1.1 Release Notes

What’s New in This Release


GridGain® Control Center is a comprehensive, customizable cluster management and developer tool for Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain applications. Use Control Center to query data across caches, monitor performance metrics, define and track production alerts, take snapshots for backup and recovery, and collect and analyze API traces. The latest Control Center release, 2024.1.1, includes a number of new features, as well as UX and bug fixes.

New Features

Support for Updating GridGain Cluster License

You can now update a license for any attached GridGain cluster through the Cluster Management screen in Control Center.

Once the license file is provided, Control Center will deploy the license to all nodes in the cluster with no downtime.

Control Center Disk Space Limits

When Control Center tracks SQL queries, traces, and tasks, it has to store data locally. The data can potentially occupy more disk space than intended or desirable. Previously, you could only limit the disk space utilization by modifying time-to-live (TTL) properties for the rows in the query/trace/task tracking tables. Starting from this release, you can also control the disk space by explicitly limiting the number of rows in the tracking tables.

Selection of Queries to be Tracked

To reduce the Control Center load and the disk space occupied by the tracked queries, you can now specify which of the running queries must be tracked. Only those queries you specify will be available for display in the Running queries tab.

Configurable Log and Work Folders

By default, Control Center stores internal data (database and logs) in the installation folder. Starting from this release, you can set the IGNITE_LOG_DIR and IGNITE_WORK_DIR environment variables to specify the folders for logs and internal database, respectively.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Control Center Changes

Issue ID Category Description



Updated bcprov-jdk18on from version 1.75 to version 1.78.1, updated netty-bom from version 4.1.104 to version 4.1.109, updated spring-web from version 5.3.33 to version 5.3.34.



You can now define which of the running queries should be monitored in Control Center.



It is now possible to interactively zoom into dashboard charts.



It is now possible to define which clusters should be shown in the Cluster Management screen.



In the Query view dialog, text now fits the dialog width without horizontal scrolling.



You can now limit the disk space occupied by queries, traces and compute.



You can now use IGNITE_LOG_DIR and IGNITE_WORK_DIR environment variables to define log and home directories.



You can now update the license for attached GridGain clusters.

Minor UI Improvements

This release comes with a number of minor UI improvements:

  • Dark theme colors were slightly adjusted.

  • The My Cluster screen now displays the version of the attached cluster.

  • Oversized error messages were trimmed so as to not block UI.

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