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Plan Management

The Plan Management screen allows you to monitor and manage subscription plans for each separate team you own. For example, you can check the license status, change the current team plan, or remove a subscription plan from the team.

Plan management

As for the license statuses, the Plan Management screen allows you to know the reasons why license could be violated:

  • The limit of number of nodes specified at the time of purchase is exceeded. In this case, you should stop the nodes or change the license type.

  • Nodes of another product, which are not purchased within the current license, are connected. For example, it may happen with a license for Apache Ignite and the Community Edition node connected to it.

  • The payment is not processed. For example, the first three months of the subscription are passed, but there are no funds on the card. What is more, the credit card may be expired. In this case, you need to check your funds and credit card information.

  • After several unsuccessful attempts to charge money, Stripe cancels the subscription.

In all the scenarios mentioned above, there will be a red banner at the top of the screen describing the issue.

Managing Plans

To open the Plan Management screen, click the user image in the top-right corner of the page and select Plan Management.

To select a team, navigate to the drop-down next to the help button at the top of the screen. The information on the selected team’s plans is displayed in the Current Plans view, which includes:

Column Name Description

Plan Type

Contains information on the edition type and the number of nodes purchased for the plan.


Contains information on the plan status, which can be either Activated or Deactivated. Only one plan can be activated for a team at a time.

Purchase Date

Contains information on the plan purchase date.

Purchased by

Contains information on the person who purchased the plan.

To change the status of the plan or remove it, click the menu button (three vertical dots). Alternatively, you can perform the same actions in the Plan Details view.

Plan management licenses

The Plan Details view contains the following information:

  • Total number of used and allowed nodes for each GridGain edition. This information is essentially important when preventing license violation scenarios.

  • Amount of funds paid for the billing period.

  • Billing period information.

  • Next payment date.

  • Status of the selected plan.