GridGain Persistent Store

A Distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-Compliant Disk Store

Persistent Store is a distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-compliant disk store available in Apache Ignite that transparently integrates with GridGain® as an optional disk layer. It may be deployed on spinning disks, solid state drives (SSDs), Flash, 3D XPoint or other similar storage technologies. Persistent Store keeps the full dataset on disk while putting only user-defined, time-sensitive data in memory. With Persistent Store enabled, you do not need to keep all active data in memory or warm up your RAM following a cluster restart to utilize the system’s in-memory computing capabilities.

The Persistent Store keeps the superset of data and all the SQL indexes on disk, which allows GridGain to be fully operational from disk. The combination of this new feature and the platform’s advanced SQL capabilities allows GridGain to serve as a distributed transactional SQL database, spanning both memory and disk, while continuing to support all the existing use cases. Persistent Store allows your organization to maximize your return on investment by establishing the optimal tradeoff between infrastructure costs and application performance by adjusting the amount of data that is kept in-memory.


  • Distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-compliant Disk Store
  • May be Deployed on Spinning Disks, Solid State Drives (SSDs), Flash, 3D XPoint or Similar Storage Technologies
  • Keeps the Superset of Data and All the SQL Indexed on Disk
  • Allows GridGain to be Fully Operational from Disk
  • Can Function as a Distributed Transactional SQL Database, Spanning Both Memory and Disk