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GridGain and Apache Ignite Operator for Kubernetes


GridGain Operator enables you to deploy and manage Apache Ignite and GridGain clusters in a Kubernetes environment. The automation that Kubernetes and GridGain Operator provide simplifies provisioning and minimizes the burden of operating and managing Apache Ignite clusters.

GridGain Operator can use any of the following certified Kubernetes platforms:

  • Open-source Kubernetes

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

  • Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


Deploying provides the following functionality:

  • Automates GridGain cluster deployment

  • Automates GridGain cluster management

For persistent volume storage, GridGain Operator uses default Kubernetes provisioners that are based on StorageClass (such as Google persistent disks, AWS EBS, and Azure disk storage) Updating and upgrading provide automated rolling updates for configuration changes.

Scaling provides automatic scaling for new cluster nodes.


  • A Kubernetes cluster that conforms to one of the supported environments

  • Installed kubectl

  • Access to the

Supported GridGain and Apache Ignite versions:

  • GridGain 8.7.20+

  • Apache Ignite 2.9.0+