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GridGain 8.5.17 Release Notes

What’s New in This Release

This release includes a number of bug fixes.

Installation and Upgrade Information

See the Rolling Upgrades page for information about how to perform automated upgrades and for details about version compatibility.

Below is a list of versions that are compatible with the current version. You can rolling-upgrade from any of those. Compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed. If you are on a version that is not listed, contact GridGain for the information on upgrade options.

  • 8.4.2-p11

  • 8.4.3-p1

  • 8.4.4

  • 8.4.5

  • 8.4.6

  • 8.4.7

  • 8.4.8

  • 8.4.8-p8

  • 8.4.9

  • 8.4.10

  • 8.4.11

  • 8.4.12

  • 8.4.13

  • 8.4.14

  • 8.4.14-p2

  • 8.4.15

  • 8.4.16

  • 8.5.1-p166

  • 8.5.3

  • 8.5.4

  • 8.5.5

  • 8.5.6

  • 8.5.7

  • 8.5.8

  • 8.5.8-p6

  • 8.5.9

  • 8.5.10

  • 8.5.11

  • 8.5.12

  • 8.5.13

  • 8.5.14

  • 8.5.15

  • 8.5.16

Fixed Issues

GridGain Community Edition Changes


Continuous Queries

Optimized continuous queries memory consumption.


Data Structures

Volatile data structures are now stored in a non-persistent data region.



Resolved vulnerabilities reported by npm audit.



Added support for Update/Delete keywords for Spring Data.


Storage Engine

Fixed an exception in ZooKeeperDiscoverySpi that could cause the node to hang.


Storage Engine

Fixed a cache internal data structure corruption which could happen during an intensive cache update when TTL is enabled.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue where partitions may get permanently stuck in an outdated state after rebalancing.


Storage Engine

Caches with SYNC rebalancing mode are now always rebalanced prior to caches with ASYNC rebalancing mode when rebalancing order is the same.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue that caused an assertion error during throttling on checkpoint.



Long operations dump timeout can now be changed via MXBean.

GridGain Enterprise Edition Changes


Data Replication

Fixed an issue when Visor/Web Console can’t collect cache metrics when Data Replication is enabled.

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