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GridGain 8.5.21 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

Community Edition Changes



Fixed an assertion error that happened when a class was concurrently deployed by multiple class loaders.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue where a deadlock between rebalancing and checkpointing could cause the node to hang on startup.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue when destroying a cache during rebalance could crash the cluster.


Storage Engine

Added validation for the number of WAL segments configuration parameter. If the value is less than 2, the node will not start.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue when an exception was thrown when a complex field of a binary object was used as a key or value in cache operations.


Web console

Web console: always show the data region name in the cache configuration.


Control Script

Fixed an issue that caused the --baseline command to fail when the node with the smallest order in the topology is a client.

Ultimate Edition Changes



Fixed an issue where info level messages were written to the log even though a higher log level was configured.


Snapshot utility

The snapshot schedule command now supports write throttling.


Snapshots & PITR

Removed a requirement for the "WRITE" file permission in WAL iterator.

Installation and Upgrade Information

See the Rolling Upgrades page for information about how to perform automated upgrades and for details about version compatibility.

Below is a list of versions that are compatible with the current version. You can rolling-upgrade from any of those. Compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed. If you are on a version that is not listed, contact GridGain for the information on upgrade options.

8.5.20, 8.5.19, 8.5.18, 8.5.17, 8.5.16, 8.5.15, 8.5.14, 8.5.13, 8.5.12, 8.5.11, 8.5.10, 8.5.9, 8.5.8-p11, 8.5.8-p6, 8.5.8, 8.5.7, 8.5.6, 8.5.5, 8.5.3, 8.4.16, 8.4.15, 8.4.14-p2, 8.4.14, 8.4.13, 8.4.12, 8.4.11, 8.4.10, 8.4.9, 8.4.8-p8, 8.4.8, 8.4.7, 8.4.6, 8.4.5, 8.4.4, 8.4.3-p1, 8.4.2-p11

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