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This guide is designed for people tasked with GridGain and/or Ignite cluster administration.

Once you’ve installed GridGain or Ignite, you will want or need to perform many different administrative tasks — everything from migration and security, to deploying, monitoring, and upgrading your clusters. Some of the topics listed in the table of contents are useful right away, and others you may not need until later (or not at all, depending on your use case).

GridGain and Ignite

Throughout this guide you will see references to both GridGain and Ignite. If you’ve installed either product, you’re all set. You don’t need to install both. GridGain is based on Ignite and adds several useful and key features so the documentation mentions Ignite features (things like Ignite Persistence or Ignite Compute Grid). The documentation will notify you when a feature is specific to GridGain installations, so anything else covered in the documentation applies to both GridGain and Ignite installations.

Programming Languages

GridGain is available for Java, .NET/C#, and C++. The Java version provides the richest API. The .NET/C# and C++ variants may have limited functionality. To make this guide intuitive for all developers, we adhere to the following conventions:

  • The information provided in the guide applies to all programming languages unless noted otherwise.

  • Code samples for different languages are provided in different tabs as shown below. For example, if you are a .NET developer, click on the .NET tab in the code examples to see .NET specific code.

    This is a place where an example of XML configuration is provided.
    Click on other tabs to view an equivalent programmatic configuration.
    Code sample in Java. Click on other tabs to view the same example in other languages.
    Code sample in .NET. Click on other tabs to view the same example in other languages.
    Code sample in C++. Click on other tabs to view the same example in other languages.
  • If there is no tab for a specific language, this most likely means that the functionality is not supported in that language.

If you’re looking for information about installing the product or getting started, see the Getting Started Guide and the Installation Guide.

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