GridGain Nebula, a managed services offering (MSO) for Apache Ignite® and GridGain®, can offload the management of your in-memory computing environment to provide maximum reliability at a fraction of the cost of staffing an internal team. This allows your organization to focus on developing applications built on GridGain or Ignite without requiring an internal IT team to manage your in-memory computing environment. The GridGain Nebula team implements our best practices processes and tooling, developed through years of experience, to deliver maximum availability for your in-memory computing-based applications.

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GridGain Nebula Capabilities

GridGain Nebula cloud platforms
Deploy Anywhere

Public(AWS, Azure, Google), private clouds, bare metal, on-premises or hybrid

24x7 Active Monitoring
24x7 Active Monitoring

Best practices built on tested GridGain DevOps processes

Highly Secure

Controlled access and communication over the firewall

Instrumentation & Telematics

Provides deep platform insights based on GridGain Control Center

Multiple Datacenters
Multiple Datacenters

Management and replication across multiple data centers

Backup & Recovery
Backup & Recovery

For added data protection and resiliency

GridGain Nebula Setup

With four easy steps GridGain can take over the responsibility of managing your platform:


Engage to understand your business functional and technical goals


Assess technical feasibility and readiness for managed services


Instrument your Apache Ignite or GridGain platform


Manage with well-defined processes and best practices

GridGain Nebula Service Options

Features Standard Platform Standard Platform With Backups Replicated Platform With Backups
Supported Versions Any GridGain Edition or Apache Ignite GridGain Ultimate Edition GridGain Ultimate Edition
Security Infrastructure security Enhanced security & RBAC Enhanced security & RBAC
Data Backups No data backups Data Snapshots backup Data Snapshots backup
Configuration     Active/Standby configuration
SLA/Uptime Guarantee Response time guaranteed 99% uptime 99.99% uptime

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