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GridGain 8.7.25 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

Community Edition Changes


Atomic Cache

Reduced memory consumption when no MVCC caches are configured in the cluster


Continuous Queries

Continuous queries are no longer deployed to client nodes, since client nodes don’t store data.


Control Center Agent

Control Center agent now prints out a connection link as a result of token generation for convenience


Control Center Agent

Control Center agent is no longer required to be present on all cluster nodes. The cluster can connect to Control Center when at least one node has Control Center Agent enabled. The nodes without the Control Center agent will not report metrics.



Updated Zookeeper dependencies: Netty to version 4.1.51.Final, log4j was excluded.



Fixed a class loading exception when the package name started with 'class'.



Fixed an issue when default fetch size was used for data preloading for read-through cache instead of the size configured in JDBC dialect.


Metrics & Monitoring

Added metrics that provide information about the progress of index rebuild operations.



Fixed an issue where a primary key index contained fields in an incorrect order.



Introduced a mode of executing UPDATE queries in which GridGain updates the records on the nodes where they are stored instead of fetching the records to the node that initiates the query. This mode was previously available for JDBC/ODBC connections, but is now available for the queries executed via SqlFieldsQuery as well. See the SqlFieldsQuery.setSkipReducerOnUpdate(boolean) method description for details.



Fixed an issue when a suboptimal index was chosen for a query with an ORDER BY expression.


Storage Engine

Fixed an issue that could cause long pauses when speed-based write throttling was used.


Storage Engine

Added a BinaryObject method that allows you to perform unmarshalling with a custom classloader.

Enterprise Edition Changes


Data Replication

Data Replication: Added an example with authorization via SSL certificates.


Data Replication

The path to a keystore in SslContextFactory can now point to a classpath location. Previously, it was resolved only as a file system location.

Ultimate Edition Changes


Snapshot utility

Snapshot utility is now able to connect to client nodes.


Snapshot utility

Snapshot utility: added verbose mode.


Snapshots & PITR

Added the ability to add a prefix to the snapshot directory when creating snapshots programmatically. You can pass the prefix as an argument to the constructor of SnapshotCreateParams.

Installation and Upgrade Information

See the Rolling Upgrades page for information about how to perform automated upgrades and for details about version compatibility.

Below is a list of versions that are compatible with the current version. You can rolling-upgrade from any of those. Compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed. If you are on a version that is not listed, contact GridGain for the information on upgrade options.

8.5.3, 8.5.5, 8.5.6, 8.5.7, 8.5.8, 8.5.8-p6, 8.5.9, 8.5.10, 8.5.11, 8.5.12, 8.5.13, 8.5.14, 8.5.15, 8.5.16, 8.5.17, 8.5.18, 8.5.19, 8.5.20, 8.5.22, 8.5.23, 8.5.24, 8.7.2, 8.7.2-p12, 8.7.2-p13, 8.7.3, 8.7.4, 8.7.5, 8.7.6, 8.7.7, 8.7.8, 8.7.9, 8.7.10, 8.7.11, 8.7.12, 8.7.13, 8.7.14, 8.7.15, 8.7.16, 8.7.17, 8.7.18, 8.7.19, 8.7.19-p1, 8.7.20, 8.7.21, 8.7.22, 8.7.23, 8.7.24

Known Limitations

If you are upgrading from version 8.7.20 or earlier, you must take into account an incompatibility related to Jetty configuration, which was introduced in GridGain 8.7.21.

Your setup may be affected if:

  • You’re using the ignite-rest-http module (e.g. to connect to GridGain Web Console)

  • You have a custom Jetty configuration that enables SSL for REST

  • Your Jetty configuration uses the org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory class

  • The keystore specified in the Jetty configuration contains both the CA certificate and the private certificate

In this case, after starting the new version, you’ll see an error similar to:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: KeyStores with multiple certificates are not supported on the base class
org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory. (Use org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Server
or org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Client instead)

To workaround this issue, you need to alter the Jetty configuration to use org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Server or org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Client. For a configuration example, see Client Certificate Authentication.

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