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GridGain 8.8.14 Release Notes

New Features

Sped up Node Start

GridGain now periodically creates checkpoint history snapshots. This significantly speeds up node startup time by removing the need to read checkpoint to prepare node history for PME.

Added Continuous Queries to C++ Thin Client

C++ thin clients now also support continuous queries. Here is an example of how you can implement them in your code:

#include <ignite/thin/ignite_client.h>

using namespace ignite::thin::cache;
using namespace ignite::thin::cache::event;

 * Test listener class. Stores events it has been notified about in concurrent
 * queue so they can be checked later.
template<typename K, typename V>
class MyListener : public CacheEntryEventListener<K, V>
	 * Event callback.
	 * @param events Events.
	 * @param num Events number.
	virtual void OnEvent(const CacheEntryEvent<K, V>* events, uint32_t num)
		for (uint32_t i = 0; i < num; ++i)
			const CacheEntryEvent<K, V>& event = events[i];

			std::cout << "New cache event" << std::endl;
			std::cout << "Event type: " << event.GetEventType() << std::endl;
			std::cout << "Key: " << event.GetKey() << std::endl;
			std::cout << "Value: " << (event.HasValue() ? event.GetValue() : "None") << std::endl;
			std::cout << "Old value: " << (event.HasOldValue() ? event.GetOldValue() : "None") << std::endl;

	 * Disconnected callback.
	 * Called if channel was disconnected. This also means that continuous query was closed and no more
	 * events will be provided for this listener.
	virtual void OnDisconnected()
	    std::cout <<
			"Connection to the node lost. Continuous query is closed. "
			"You will not get any new notifications unless you register a new continuous query."
			<< std::endl;

void Example(ignite::thin::IgniteClient& client)
	CacheClient<int32_t, std::string> cache = client.GetOrCreateCache<int32_t, std::string>("MyCache");

    auto listener = make_shared< Listener<int32_t, std::string> >();

    query::continuous::ContinuousQueryClient<int32_t, TestEntry> qry(MakeReferenceFromSmartPointer(listener));

    query::continuous::ContinuousQueryHandleClient handle = cache.QueryContinuous(qry);

	cache.Put(1, "Lorem ipsum");
	cache.Put(2, "Hello world");
	cache.Put(1, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet");

Added Support for Thin Clients in Spring Data Client

Spring Data Client now can be worked with from thin clients. Here is the example:

// Used igniteClient bean for accessing to ignite.
@RepositoryConfig(cacheName = "PersonCache", igniteInstance = "igniteClient")
public interface IgniteClientConfigRepository extends IgniteRepository<Object, Serializable> {
    // No-op.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Community Edition Changes

Issue ID Category Description


Platforms & Thin Clients

.NET: Fixed platform cache not restoring data from persistent storage after node restart.


Cluster SQL Engine

Fixed a possible NullPointerException if a column type was null in the JmxSystemViewExporterSpi.


Cluster Compute Grid

Added an ability to run compute tasks without @ComputeTaskSessionFullSupport annotation when using PriorityQueueCollisionSpi.


Cluster Storage Engine

Fixed an issue when a cache destroy operation during an active transaction could cause NullPointerException.


Cluster Communication

Suppressed a non-informative ClosedChannelException which was logged in some cases.


Binary Objects

Fixed an AssertionError when getting unassigned field in BinaryObjectBuilder.


Binary Objects

Fixed unexpected object deserialization on concurrent operations when binary projection was used.


Platforms & Thin Clients

Java thin: reduced memory usage by avoiding extra buffer copy.


Cluster SQL Engine

Prevented confusing warning from being logged.


Cluster SQL Engine

Added query ID to logs for long running SQL queries.


Cluster Metrics & Monitoring

Fixed a possible NullPointerException in cache metrics on node startup.


Platforms & Thin Clients

.NET: Fixed dynamically generated types deserialization support.


Cluster Storage Engine

Fixed a bug with the defragmentation failing on DECIMAL and VARCHAR indexes.


Cluster Compute Grid

Added the ability to change the priority of a compute task if PriorityQueueCollisionSpi is configured.


Platforms & Thin Clients

Fixed potential out of memory exception in thin client protocol handler that could be caused by erroneous data.


Distributed Data Structures

Fixed potential data corruption during rapid delete and update operations.


Cluster Storage Engine

IGNITE_WAIT_FOR_BACKUPS_ON_SHUTDOWN system property was deprecated. Use ShutdownPolicy instead.


Control Center Agent

Increased security in management script command outputs.


Cluster SQL Engine

Fixed an issue with comparing indexed fields with values that have different types.


Platforms & Thin Clients

CPP Thin: Continuous Queries implemented.


Cluster Compute Grid

Added a subscription to changes in compute task statuses.


Cluster Deployment

Fixed a bug with cluster crashing if a class with higher bytecode version was received from the client.


Platforms & Thin Clients

Fixed a possible freeze when thin clients were used with TLS1.3.


Cluster Metrics & Monitoring

Added system views for data structures.


Cluster Storage Engine

Fixed a rare case when rebalance did not happen during a client joining the cluster.


Cluster Storage Engine

Fixed an issue that caused speed-based writes throttling to fail in protecting Checkpoint Buffer from exhaustion.


Cluster Storage Engine

Introduced checkpoint history snapshots to speed up node startup process.


Cluster SQL Engine

Fixed inline-size calculation for PK of varchar(N) column.

Enterprise Edition Changes

Issue ID Category Description


Cluster Security

Updated jackson-databind and log4j2 version to fix a vulnerability.


GridGain Integrations

Added support for Spring Data in thin clients.


Cluster SQL Engine

Added an ability to specify inline size of PK and affinity key indexes from CREATE TABLE and QueryEntity commands.


Control Center Agent

Added APIs (Java,, and JMX) to change cluster ID and cluster secret.

Ultimate Edition Changes

Issue ID Category Description


Cluster Snapshot Utility

Fixed a rare freeze (caused by node stop) during custom snapshot operation.


Cluster Data Snapshots and Recovery

Fixed a rare freeze during custom snapshot operation.


Cluster Data Snapshots and Recovery

Added a log message about the impossibility of creating a snapshot on a schedule.


Cluster Data Snapshots and Recovery

Snapshot creation now stops early if there are caches with lost partitions and partition loss policy is not IGNORE.

Control Center Agent Changes

Issue ID Category Description


Control Center Agent

Added sending of compute task priority to Control Center.


Control Center Agent

Fixed CVE-2021-44832.


Control Center Agent

Fixed node versions on Cluster page in GridGain Portal.


Control Center Agent

Added support for SFTP for code deployment.

Installation and Upgrade Information

See the Rolling Upgrades page for information about how to perform automated upgrades and for details about version compatibility.

Below is a list of versions that are compatible with the current version. You can rolling-upgrade from any of those. Compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed. If you are on a version that is not listed, contact GridGain for information on upgrade options.

8.7.2-p15, 8.7.3, 8.7.4, 8.7.5, 8.7.5-p1, 8.7.6, 8.7.6-p1, 8.7.7, 8.7.8, 8.7.9, 8.7.10, 8.7.11, 8.7.12, 8.7.13, 8.7.14, 8.7.15, 8.7.16, 8.7.17, 8.7.18, 8.7.19, 8.7.19-p1, 8.7.20, 8.7.21, 8.7.22, 8.7.23, 8.7.24, 8.7.25, 8.7.26, 8.7.26-p1, 8.7.27, 8.7.27-p1, 8.7.28, 8.7.29, 8.7.29-p1, 8.7.30, 8.7.31, 8.7.32, 8.7.33, 8.7.33-p2, 8.7.34, 8.7.35, 8.7.36, 8.7.37, 8.7.38, 8.7.39, 8.7.40, 8.7.41, 8.7.42, 8.8.1, 8.8.2, 8.8.3, 8.8.4, 8.8.5, 8.8.6, 8.8.7, 8.8.8, 8.8.9, 8.8.10, 8.8.11, 8.8.12, 8.8.13

Known Limitations

Jetty Configuration Incompatibility in GridGain 8.7.21 and Later

If you are upgrading from version 8.7.20 or earlier, consider an incompatibility issue related to Jetty configuration introduced in GridGain 8.7.21.

Your setup may be affected if:

  • You use the ignite-rest-http module (e.g. to connect to GridGain Web Console)

  • You have a custom Jetty configuration that enables SSL for REST

  • Your Jetty configuration uses the org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory class

  • The keystore specified in the Jetty configuration contains both the CA certificate and the private certificate

In this case, after starting a new version, an exception is thrown with an error message similar to the following:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: KeyStores with multiple certificates are not supported on the base class
org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory. (Use org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Server
or org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Client instead)

To workaround this issue, alter the Jetty configuration to use org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Server or org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Client. See the configuration example at the Client Certificate Authentication page.

Default rebalanceThreadPoolSize in GridGain 8.7.26 and Later

In GridGain 8.7.26, the default value of the property IgniteConfiguration.rebalanceThreadPoolSize changed from 1 to min(4, number of CPU / 4). It may cause a compatibility issue under the following conditions:

  • When a Rolling Upgrade is performed

  • The upgrade is performed from 8.5.7 version (or earlier) to 8.5.x or from 8.7.3 (or earlier) to 8.7.x

  • The server nodes have at least 8 CPU cores

  • The nodes configuration does not have the property IgniteConfiguration.rebalanceThreadPoolSize, so the default value is used

In this case, an exception is thrown with an error message similar to the following:

сlass org.apache.ignite.IgniteException: Rebalance configuration mismatch (fix configuration or set -DIGNITE_SKIP_CONFIGURATION_CONSISTENCY_CHECK=true system property).
Different values of such parameter may lead to rebalance process instability and hanging.  [rmtNodeId=5fc58fb7-209d-489a-8034-0127a81abed6, locRebalanceThreadPoolSize = 4, rmtRebalanceThreadPoolSize = 1]

To workaround this issue, change the configuration of the server nodes to rebalanceThreadPoolSize=1 so that it matches the previous default configuration. For example:

<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.IgniteConfiguration">
    <property name="rebalanceThreadPoolSize" value="1"/>

    <!-- The rest of the configuration goes here -->

Jetty Doesn’t Accept Incorrect Configuration in GridGain 8.7.31 and Later

In GridGain 8.7.31 Jetty was upgraded to 9.4.33. Starting that version, Jetty has more strict validation of the provided configuration files. Before that version, an incorrectly spelled property in the configuration file had no effect. Starting this version, errors in the configuration will lead to an error on start.

Your setup may be affected if:

  • You use the ignite-rest-http module (e.g. to connect to GridGain Web Console)

  • You have a custom Jetty configuration for REST

  • The custom configuration has errors in it

You will need to fix the custom Jetty configuration before upgrading. No Longer Enables Remote JMX by Default in GridGain 8.7.31 and Later

Starting from 8.7.31 version, GridGain no longer attempts to automatically enable the remote JMX. Default settings are known to cause issues if customized (for example, secure the connection). Also, in most cases, remote JMX is not required since many tools use local JMX connections (not using TCP).

Your setup may be affected if:

  • You start GridGain nodes via script

  • You connect to GridGain nodes' JMX interface remotely over TCP using the default configuration

To continue using remote JMX, you need to manually specify the required JMX settings. Please see the example below. Note that you don’t need remote JMX if you use a local connection, such as connecting JConsole to a GridGain process on the same host.

export JVM_OPTS=" \"


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