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Apache Ignite and Kubernetes: Deployment and Orchestration Strategies

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Foundation Course, 2 hours, Free
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This free two-hour training is for developers, architects, and DevOps engineers who want to deploy and orchestrate Apache Ignite in a Kubernetes environment. You begin with the configuration and scalability essentials, as you deploy Ignite in pure in-memory mode. Next, you convert the Ignite in-memory cluster into a multitier database that scales beyond available memory capacity, as you set up disk storage for Ignite native persistence and GridGain backups. Finally, you select the connectivity option that is preferred for your applications and simplify the monitoring, management, and troubleshooting of your Kubernetes-based deployment.

Training Topics

  • Ignite in in-memory mode: basic configuration principles, cluster discovery, auto-scaling, availability zones, and rolling restarts
  • Ignite in multitier database mode (in-memory plus native persistence): storage configuration (data versus WAL), cluster backups, and storage performance monitoring
  • Application deployment and connectivity options: apps and Ignite in K8, apps in K8 but Ignite outside, and Ignite in K8 but apps outside

Required Preparation

  • Docker Desktop 4.1 or later (with built-in support for Kubernetes)
  • Java Developer Kit, version 8 or later
  • Apache Maven 3.0 or later
  • Your favorite IDE, such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or a simple text editor


If you’re new to Ignite, attend the Apache Ignite Essentials course.

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