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Operator installation

The examples in this guide use the following assumptions

Create Operator Deployment

kubectl apply -f operator.yaml -n <operator-namespace> #apache-ignite-operator by default

Verify Operator Work

To verify that the operator is successfully installed and running, enter the following command:

kubectl get pods -n <operator-namespace> #apache-ignite-operator by default

Your output should be similar to the following example, with Running as the status of the operator service:

NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
apache-ignite-operator-868fb8bdcd-46xnh   1/1     Running   0          1m

Changing Operator Version and pullPolicy

The operator is a regular Kubernetes deployment that is specified in the operator.yaml file. By default, there is no need to change the operator.yaml file. However, you might want to change the image version. The default values for image and pullPolicy are “gridgain/apache-ignite-operator:latest” and “IfNotPresent” respectively.

The following operator.yaml snippet shows an example of changing image to "gridgain/apache-ignite-operator:0.1.5-alpha" and imagePullPolicy to “Always”:

image: "gridgain/apache-ignite-operator:0.1.5-alpha"
imagePullPolicy: "Always"