A Distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-Compliant Disk Store

Transactional Persistence, a native feature in Apache Ignite®, is a distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-compliant active persistence layer. The GridGain® Ultimate Edition includes full backup and recovery features for management of production deployments which utilize Transactional Persistence.

Transactional Persistence Storage

When using Transactional Persistence, GridGain stores all data in your cluster on persistent storage, whether spinning disks, solid state drives (SSDs), Flash, 3D XPoint or other similar storage technologies. You then configure your system to also cache some or all of your data in memory. The system preferentially processes requests against the data in memory. Processing against data in memory provides optimal performance but you can trade off system performance versus cost by deciding how much of your data to continuously cache in RAM.

With Transactional Persistence enabled, you do not need to keep all active data in memory or warm up your RAM following a cluster restart to utilize the system’s in-memory computing capabilities. The GridGain Ultimate Edition includes backup and recovery features which are recommended for running Transactional Persistence in production environments.

Transactional Persistence
  • Distributed ACID and ANSI-99 SQL-compliant disk store
  • May be deployed on spinning disks, solid state drives (SSDs), Flash, 3D XPoint or similar storage technologies
  • Keeps the superset of data and all the SQL indexes on disk
  • Allows GridGain to be fully operational from disk
  • Can function as a distributed transactional SQL database which spans both memory and disk