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On the Alerting screen, you can configure alerts for user-defined conditions that could indicate problems in the cluster. You can use one of the available numeric metrics to specify the condition. For example, you can specify a condition of prolonged, high CPU load or a condition of high amount of disk usage on nodes. When the condition is observed for the time duration that you specified, Nebula sends an email and/or SMS notification.

Alerting Screen

Alert notifications are sent through notification channels. A notification channel is either SMS-based or email-based. You can assign multiple channels to each alert.

Creating Alerts

On the Configurations tab, click the Add alert button and fill out the fields of the dialog box that appears.

Create Alert
Field Description


The name of the alert

Metric name

The metric that you want to monitor


The condition to be met


The value to which the metric is to be compared

Grace Period

The amount of time that the condition can exist before an alert is generated. The grace period prevents occasional spikes from triggering alerts. A setting of 0 enables instant alerts.

Notification Channels

The notification channels that are associated with the alert. To create a notification channel, click Add notification channel.

Viewing Alert History

The Alerts tab displays the alert history.

Alert History
Column Description

Created On

The time when the alert was generated.


The status of the alert:

  • Alerting - the alert is active (has been triggered and is sending messages)

  • Ok - the alert is inactive (the triggering condition has passed)


The alert message.


The configuration of the alert.

The Filter section, on the right, enables you yo filter the alert list by configuration, status, and the creation period.

Creating Notification Channels

Go to the Notification Channels tab and click Add notification channel.

  1. Enter the name of the notification channel.

  2. In the Send with field, select either Email or SMS.

  3. In the Send to field, enter an email address or a phone number.

Add Notification Channel