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Nebula Cluster Specifics

Cloud Instance Location

Because Nebula instances are hosted in the cloud, ping and upload speeds may differ from speeds to your local servers. For example, servers run in Amazon’s us-east region will not be able to provide good latency for users from EU.

Make sure to check Nebula cluster latency before putting load on them.

Thick Client Limits

You can only use three thick clients per cluster. The number of thin clients is unlimited.

If you need more thick clients, please contact our support team.

User Permissions on Cluster

All users on the cluster have the same set of permissions.

Available Caches

Access to the following caches is prohibited:

  • ignite-roles-cache

  • ignite-users-cache

Operations are allowed on other caches.

Other Operations

SQL Queries, Compute and Service Grid operation are allowed on Nebula clusters.