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Service Details

This page provides some basic information on Nebula terms of use. The terms on this page are provided for introduction purposes only. Make sure to check terms and coditions for specific terms of use.


Nebula cluster billing starts after the cluster is fully provisioned and available and stops when it is destroyed or suspended. Disconnected clusters are still running and are being billed.

The billing rounds up to the full hour (for example, using the cluster for 15 minutes rounds up to 1 hour).

You can see the specific time these events happen in the Cluster Info dialog.

Maintenance Windows

If the cluster requires maintenance, you will receive a 1-week notice. This downtime is not included in service SLA, nor is it included in payments.

Data Safety

All persistent data is backed up every 24 hours. If you need a different setting, contact our support team to reconfigure the period.

Upgrade Policy

Clusters are created with the latest version of GridGain Nebula software available at the moment. If you need an upgrade to a later version, contact our support team.

GridGain may upgrade the software version if necessary. You will receive a 1-week notice about the upgrade downtime.