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Binary Type Management

Use this tab to manage binary types.

Binary Type Management

GridGain prohibits changing a column type (e.g. INT to VARCHAR or even LONG) in both SQL tables and caches, due to the Binary Object format limitations. To work around this limitation, you can delete a binary type’s metadata (and all the data of that type) using either this tab of the --meta commands.

View Binary Types

To view a binary type’s fields and schemas:

  1. Do one or both of the following:

    1. Scroll down the list on the Binary type management tab.

    2. Start typing the required type’s name or ID in the search field above the list.

  2. Select the option button next to the required binary type.

    The selected type’s information is displayed in the right-hand section.

    Binary Type Management

Download Binary Types

You can download a binary type to your machine as a <typeID>.bin file. It can be used to restore that type later (see Restore Binary Types) or to migrate it (without data) to another cluster.

To download a binary type, from the type’s context menu, select Download.

Remove Binary Types

To remove metadata for a binary type from your cluster and save the removed metadata to a <typeID>.bin file:

  1. From the type’s context menu, select Remove.

  2. In the confirmation dialog that opens, click Remove.

    The metadata is removed from the cluster. The file to be used for restoring this data (see Restore Binary Types) is automatically downloaded to your machine.

  3. If the download does not start automatically, click the Download button in the dialog that opens.

Restore Binary Types

To restore the previously removed metadata for a binary type (see Remove Binary Types) or for a new/migrated binary type from the <typeID>.bin file:

  1. Click Restore in the top right corner.

  2. In the Restore binary type dialog that opens, do one of the following:

    1. Drop the required file into the field, or

    2. Click Select and select the required file using your file system navigator.

      The metadata for the selected binary type is restored in your cluster.