The GridGain® in-memory computing platform, dramatically accelerates and scales out data-intensive applications across a distributed computing architecture. GridGain solves the performance needs of companies launching digital transformation, omnichannel customer experience, Internet of Things, or similar data-intensive initiatives. GridGain is built on Apache® Ignite, which was originally contributed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) by GridGain Systems. Ignite has become a top five ASF project and has been downloaded millions of times since the project launched in 2014.

In-Memory Computing Platform Technology Overview

The comprehensive GridGain in-memory computing solution includes an in-memory data grid, in-memory database, streaming analytics, and a continuous learning framework. The system provides ANSI-99 SQL and ACID transaction support. The platform can function as an in-memory data grid or it can be deployed as a memory-centric database which combines the speed of in-memory computing with the durability of disk-based storage. Performance is 1,000x faster than systems built on traditional disk-based databases because all data is held in-memory and the system utilizes massive parallel processing. The system can be scaled out by adding new nodes to the cluster to support up to petabytes of data from multiple databases with automatic data rebalancing and redundant storage across the nodes.

GridGain can modernize existing data-intensive architectures when inserted between existing application and data layers. GridGain integrates seamlessly with RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop databases and includes a unified API which supports SQL, C++, .NET, JAVA/Scala/Groovy, and Node.js access for the application layer. It integrates with many common management and data processing solutions through an ODBC/JDBC API. GridGain can run on-premises, on a private or public cloud platform such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, or on a hybrid environment.

Leverage the Ongoing Developments of the Apache Ignite Project

The GridGain Community Edition, built on Apache IgniteApache Ignite, includes patches and updates not yet released in Ignite with additional features and QA testing to provide the highest possible performance, reliability and managability possible in an open source in-memory computing platform. The GridGain Enterprise Edition includes additional security, monitoring, and management features that are not available in the GridGain Community Edition which address the needs of organizations using the GridGain in-memory data grid in mission-critical applications. The Enterprise Edition is hardened and undergoes extensive testing to ensure its performance in mission-critical production environments where performance, reliability and high availability are critical to success. The GridGain Ultimate Edition includes all of the features in the Enterprise Edition plus backup and recovery features that are highly recommended when using GridGain as an in-memory database in mission-critical applications.

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A Comprehensive, Next Generation In-Memory Computing Platform

Lower Cost and Complexity

By standardizing on a single in-memory computing platform, your company can reduce the number of technologies that need to be learned and supported, resulting in faster implementations and lower development and management costs. GridGain can unify real-time operations and analytics on one powerful stack, addressing both OLTP and OLAP demands with an hybrid transactional/ analytical processing (HTAP) architecture, a true converged data platform. GridGain can sit on top of complex database infrastructures which have separate operational and analytics databases while running queries in pooled data and compute grids. It can run on commodity or top-of-the-line servers.

Accelerate Applications Up to 1,000x with No Rip-and-Replace

GridGain can be deployed between your existing application and data layers, holding active data in-memory for high speed processing. ACID transaction support ensures data integrity. ANSI SQL-99 with DDL and DML support enables your applications to interact with GridGain in the same way you previously interacted with your SQL-driven databases. Your existing database can remain the system of record or GridGain can become the system of record with your full dataset replicated on your disk-based database.

In-Memory Computing Performance with the Durability of Disk

The memory-centric GridGain platform includes a native Persistent Store which maintains your full dataset on disk. You can mirror only your most time-sensitive data in memory, allowing you to trade off infrastructure costs versus application performance by adjusting how much data is in memory. The system functions as a distributed, in-memory RDBMS with ACID transactions and ANSI-99 SQL.

The GridGain Platform

In-Memory Data Grid

Can easily be inserted between existing application and data layers with no rip-and-replace of the existing database. ANSI-99 SQL and ACID transaction support.

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In-Memory Database

Create modern, high performance systems when building new applications or re-architecting existing applications. A distributed, in-memory SQL database.

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Streaming Analytics

Ingest, process, store and publish streaming data for large-scale, mission critical business applications. Native integrations with Apache® Kafka and Apache® Spark.

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Continuous Learning

Continuous learning based on the in-memory operational dataset using machine learning and deep learning. Optimized for massively parallel processing (MPP).

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Deploy Apache Ignite in Mission-Critical Production Applications with Confidence

The GridGain Enterprise Edition and Ultimate Edition include security, deployment, and management features added to Apache Ignite. Features include portable objects for cross-platform object access, rolling production updates, multi-datacenter replication, a certified Apache Kafka/Confluent connector, an Oracle GoldenGate connector, and enterprise-grade security. The Ultimate Edition also includes advanced backup and recovery features for companies that use the GridGain Persistent Store. The GridGain Community Edition is an open source solution built on Apache Ignite which includes updates and patches not yet available in Ignite plus additional features and QA testing to provide the best possible performance, reliability and manageability available in an open source in-memory computing platform. GridGain offers Basic, Standard and Premium GridGain Support packages for the GridGain Community, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions as well as for Apache Ignite. A GridGain support subscription provides access to GridGain support engineers for assistance with production issues that impact the performance or reliability of your system. Support for Apache Ignite is for companies that deploy Ignite in production applications and need assistance optimizing and maintaining their Ignite installation at peak performance.

Integrates with a Wide Range of Popular Data-Related Solutions

Used with Apache Spark, GridGain allows you to create persistent Spark RDDs and run queries up to 100x faster. The Confluent certified Apache Kafka Connector available in the GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Editions provides a native integration with Kafka to ensure success for projects that require ingesting streaming data from Kafka. GridGain can replace HDFS with the in-memory GridGain file system which allows you to run Apache® Hadoop queries up to 2x faster for even the largest big data collections without code changes. GridGain complements Apache® Cassandra, enabling ad hoc SQL queries and in-memory computing speed on the data held in GridGain. GridGain is integrated with many other solutions including Cassandra, memcached, Redis, Apache Kafka, Apache® Camel, Apache® Mesos, and Hadoop Yarn.

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