Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite is the Foundation of the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform is built on Apache Ignite®. The source code for Apache Ignite was originally contributed to the Apache Software Foundation by GridGain Systems. The Apache Ignite middleware project rapidly evolved into a top-level Apache Software Foundation project and now has generated millions of downloads since its inception in 2014.

Apache Ignite

GridGain offers the free online GridGain Control Center for management, monitoring and development of Apache Ignite clusters. User-customizable, it provides visibility and monitoring into 200+ OpenCensus-based metrics as well as SQL query development tools and extensive API call tracing.

"Introducing Apache Ignite" White Paper

The GridGain Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition are built on Apache Ignite and incorporate additional features, updates and testing. The GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Editions include enterprise-grade features added to the Ignite middleware platform for optimal performance in mission-critical use cases. A comparison of GridGain vs. Ignite details the differences.

GridGain Community Edition

The GridGain Community Edition is a source-available version of Apache Ignite which includes patches and updates not yet included in Ignite. The Community Edition also includes additional features and undergoes more QA testing than Ignite to provide the highest possible performance, reliability, and manageability possible in an open source in-memory computing platform.

What is Apache Ignite?

Apache Ignite is an open source, in-memory computing platform normally deployed as an in-memory data grid. Ignite can support digital transformation initiatives focused on improving end user or customer experience, streamlining operational efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, or much more. Ignite allows them to create a common in-memory system of record that supports both transactions and real-time analytics for HTAP applications and can support Internet of Things (IoT) programs or real-time analytics across data lake and operational datasets. Ignite provides real-time performance at any scale with linear horizontal scalability whether deployed on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or on a hybrid environment. Having a common platform has helped companies develop new projects faster and at a lower cost, be more flexible to change, and be more responsive in ways that have improved their end user experiences and business outcomes.


Apache Ignite Features

Apache Ignite includes the following powerful in-memory computing platform features:

And much more.

Further Information About Apache Ignite

To learn more about Apache Ignite, please download the white paper "Introducing Apache Ignite".

Download "Introducing Apache Ignite" White Paper

You can learn more about Apache Ignite vs Redis and why companies select Ignite for demanding use cases which Redis cannot address.

GridGain offers support for Apache Ignite to help companies that deploy Ignite in production use cases. Developer Bundles are also available which include support, consulting and training to accelerate the development of mission-critical projects built on Apache Ignite.