The Foundation of the GridGain In-Memory Computing Platform

The Apache® Ignite open source in-memory computing platform was originally contributed to the Apache Software Foundation by GridGain® Systems. The Ignite middleware project rapidly evolved into a top level Apache project with millions of downloads since inception. The GridGain Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition are built on Apache Ignite. The GridGain Enterprise and Ultimate Editions include additional features built on top of the Ignite middleware platform for optimal performance in missions-critical use cases. The GridGain Community Edition includes patches and updates not yet released in Ignite with additional features and QA testing to provide the highest possible performance, reliability and managability possible in an open source in-memory computing platform.


Further Information About Apache Ignite

To learn more about Ignite, please download the white paper "Introducing Apache Ignite".

You can also learn more about Apache Ignite vs Redis and why companies select Ignite for demanding use cases which Redis cannot address.

GridGain offers support for Apache Ignite to help companies that deploy Ignite in production use cases.