The GridGain Ultimate Edition is for Mission-Critical In-Memory Database Deployments

The GridGain® Ultimate Edition, built on Apache Ignite®, is for mission-critical in-memory database (IMDB) use cases. When used as an in-memory or memory-centric database, GridGain enables applications to run up to 1,000 times faster than disk-based databases and scale to petabytes of in-memory data.

The Ultimate Edition features full backup and recovery capabilities plus the functionality, tuning, and robust testing of the GridGain Community Edition. It also includes the security, deployment, management and monitoring, and integration features found in the GridGain Enterprise Edition.

GridGain Ultimate Edition

GridGain Ultimate Edition is the only in-memory database that:

  • Prevents a database lift-and-shift if first deployed as an in-memory data grid (IMDG)
  • Accelerates performance using general-purpose massively parallel processing (MPP) as a compute grid
  • Stores all your data on disk and lets you specify from 0-100% of the data to be loaded into RAM, then preferentially processes the in-memory data, when available, allowing you to trade off cost and in-memory performance
  • Provides disaster recovery with user-configurable, memory-centric computing capabilities
  • Includes native machine learning, deep learning, and TensorFlow integration

With ACID-compliant transactions and ANSI SQL-99 support, the GridGain Ultimate Edition is a powerful in-memory addition for OLTP, OLAP or HTAP use cases. You can deploy GridGain anywhere including on-premises, on public or private clouds, or in hybrid environments.

When using the Transactional Persistence feature, GridGain provides all the capabilities of a distributed transactional SQL and key-value in-memory database. It holds the full dataset on disk across a cluster of server nodes with all or a portion of the dataset also maintained in memory.

GridGain Ultimate Edition Features

The GridGain Ultimate Edition provides all the backup and recovery management tools necessary to support the GridGain Transactional Persistence.

GridGain Network Backups
GridGain Centralized Backup and Recovery Management

GridGain Centralized Backup and Recovery allows you to perform, schedule and manage backups and then recover to any point in time on any cluster using a combination of full and incremental backups with continuous archiving. Backups are managed using GridGain Control Center, GridGain Web Console, or the Snapshot Command Line Tool.

GridGain Full, Incremental, and Continuous Backups

GridGain Full, Incremental, and Continuous Backups using the GridGain Control Center for versions 8.7.18+, GridGain Web Console for earlier versions, or the Snapshot Command Line Tool minimize the administrative and hardware costs of backup and recovery by centrally scheduling and performing full and incremental backup creation, deletion, and storage across a distributed cluster.

GridGain Full, Incremental, and Continuous Backups
GridGain Network Backups
GridGain Network Backups

GridGain Network Backups, combined with the remote storage of continuous archives, ensure the quick restoration of a cluster even if an entire data center disappears. GridGain Ultimate Edition backups do not need to be stored locally on the same cluster machines used to handle the operational load.

GridGain Point-in-Time Recovery

GridGain Point-in-Time Recovery restores the data back to any point in time up to any change without manually resubmitting or replaying existing transactions that occurred following a full or incremental backup.

GridGain Point-in-Time Recovery
GridGain Heterogeneous Recovery
GridGain Heterogeneous Recovery

GridGain Heterogeneous Recovery helps control downtime and increase availability by restoring existing clusters to other locations with a different size and topology, dynamically adding nodes to a cluster for scalability, and creating hybrid clusters across any collection of nodes or data centers.

GridGain Enterprise Edition Features

The GridGain Ultimate Edition includes all of the features of the GridGain Enterprise Edition including additional security, deployment, management and monitoring, and integrations needed for mission-critical deployments.

GridGain Enterprise Edition

GridGain In-Memory Computing Support and Consulting Services

GridGain Systems provides a range of helpful support and consulting services that can help you build, deploy, and manage your GridGain deployment:

  • GridGain Support for the GridGain Community, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions includes timely access to our highly knowledgeable support engineers, access to software updates, and much more.
  • GridGain Consulting helps your organization configure and optimize GridGain, design architectures, run proof-of-concepts, and much more.
  • GridGain Training can be delivered onsite or remotely and customized to the needs of your team.
  • GridGain Developer Bundles combine GridGain Support and Consulting services to speed your development efforts.

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