Real-Time Analytics Across Data Lake and Operational Data

Digital transformations create an avalanche of data for many organizations. Taking business advantage of that data can require real-time analytics and action based on both current and historical data. The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator is for digital businesses that need to enrich real-time data with historical data stored in data lakes to improve real-time analytics and decision automation and to drive real-time data lake analytics. This solution provides data lake acceleration by enabling queries across operational and historical data when used with the GridGain Enterprise Edition or GridGain Ultimate Edition.

The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator, built on the GridGain in-memory computing platform, accelerates data lake analytics and access by providing bi-directional integration with Hadoop. This integration brings the historical data into the same in-memory computing layer as the real-time operational data, enabling real-time analytics and computing on the combined data.

Unlike OLAP acceleration solutions, the GridGain Data Lake Accelerator powers real-time analytics against operational data and a subset of your data lake data to drive real-time business processes and enable real-time data lake analytics. It leverages the GridGain Unified API and native Apache Spark connector to power a real-time HTAP (hybrid transactional/analytical processing) - also known as HOAP (hybrid operational/analytical processing) or Translytical - configuration in which transactions and analytics are run on the same operational dataset.

Typical use cases for the Data Lake Accelerator are applications which require real-time analytics across all operational data plus a subset of data stored in a data lake to drive business actions. Examples include using historical data to enrich real-time data streams, calculating thresholds for real-time operational triggers from historical trends, or displaying historical and real-time data together in operational dashboards.

GridGain Data Lake Accelerator Download

The GridGain Data Lake Accelerator includes tools and processes to enable data lake acceleration and company-wide analytics across operational and analytical data. The first downloadable package is the Hadoop Connector which is available on the GridGain Downloads page.