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  • My Spark application or Spark shell hangs when I invoke any action on IgniteRDD

This will happen if you have created IgniteContext in client mode (which is the default mode) and you do not have any GridGain server nodes started up. In this case, the GridGain client will wait until server nodes are started or fail after cluster join timeout has elapsed. You should start at least one GridGain server node when using IgniteContext in client mode.

  • I am getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when using IgniteContext

This issue appears when you do not have any loggers included in classpath and GridGain tries to use standard Java logging. By default, Spark loads all user jar files using separate class loader. Java logging framework, on the other hand, uses application class loader to initialize log handlers. To resolve this, you can either add ignite-log4j2 module to the list of the used jars so that Ignite would use Log4j2 as a logging subsystem, or alter default Spark classpath as described here.