GridGain Support Solutions

Production Support for GridGain Deployments

We offer GridGain® support subscriptions which includes timely access to our professional support staff, ongoing product maintenance releases, and an annual subscription to the GridGain Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate Edition.

Support based on the GridGain Professional Edition is appropriate for Apache Ignite users that are moving their deployment into production. The GridGain Professional Edition includes Apache Ignite and maintenance patches which have not yet been released in Apache Ignite.

The GridGain Enterprise Edition is a full featured solution for mission-critical in-memory data grid deployments. The Enterprise Edition includes enterprise features not found in Apache Ignite or the GridGain Professional Edition for deploying, monitoring, managing, and securing mission critical production environments.

The GridGain Ultimate Edition is a solution for mission-critical deployments relying on the Persistent Store feature to power GridGain as a distributed, transactional SQL database. The Ultimate Edition includes a Cluster Snapshots feature for backing up GridGain when deployed using the Persistent Store.

GridGain Support Comparison

Solution Open Source Standard Professional Standard Enterprise Premium Enterprise Premium Ultimate
Software Apache Ignite GridGain
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition
GridGain Ultimate Edition
Maintenance Releases  
Enterprise Features    
Hot Bug Fixes    
Cluster Snapshots        
Support Hours   9x5 Phone or Online 9x5 Phone or Online 24x7 Phone or Online 24x7 Phone or Online
SLA   4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours

For further information, visit the GridGain Support Pricing page or contact GridGain now.