Omnichannel Customer Experience

Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience with In-Memory Computing

Digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape and creating opportunities for organizations to redefine their customer experience across their business lines. These omnichannel customer experience initiatives can allow customers to have a seamless experience with a company across all touch points, from your website to social media channels to on ground facilities and beyond.

Customer-focused businesses across many industries have omnichannel customer experience initiatives. These initiatives allow companies to take advantage of the digital information they can unleash from their customers, communication channels, web properties and more. Omnichannel customer experience programs can incorporate many touch points including web-scale applications, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, mobile applications, social media, on-ground facilities, and more.

Omnichannel customer engagement initiatives require the ability to ingest, process, analyze and respond to vast amounts of data from many sources. In-memory computing solutions are extremely fast, massively scalable, and can be added to existing applications without ripping and replacing existing databases. The GridGain® in-memory computing platform include an in-memory data grid, in-memory database, streaming analytics, and integrated machine and deep learning capabilities.

Organizations separated their transactional and analytical processing in the past onto OLTP and OLAP systems with an ETL process between the two. Omnichannel customer experiences requires real-time analysis of incoming data so the customer experience can be driven by the most current information from all touch points. In-memory computing empowers hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) solutions - also known as hybrid operational/analytical processing (HOAP) or translytical processing - which support real-time analytics on the transactional dataset, allowing optimal customer engagement based on the most recent information.

If your organization wants to improve your existing omnichannel customer experience or create a new program, please contact GridGain Systems to learn more about how our in-memory computing solutions can help your business redefine itself as a digital enterprise.