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GridGain produces a wide selection of resources that can help you understand how our in-memory computing platform can fit within your existing or new architectures. Whether your organization needs to speed up and scale out an existing application or you are focused on the development of a new, modern application architecture, our resources can help you understand how GridGain can help. Select from our extensive library of white papers, webinars, case studies, application notes, ebook and more.


This white paper discusses how in-memory computing is helping companies address increasing mobile application usage, real-time data needs, improving the customer experience, fraud prevention, compliance, and other requirements to modernize and accelerate payment solutions.
This white paper reviews why IMC makes sense for today’s fast-data and big-data applications, dispels common myths about IMC, and clarifies the distinctions among IMC product categories to make the process of choosing the right IMC solution for a specific use case much easier.
This white paper will give you a better understanding of how in-memory computing forms the backbone of successful high performance, highly scalable and mission-critical technology solutions in the FinTech industry. You will also learn how in-memory computing helps address many current limitations of legacy financial systems.


Businesses have a long wish list for their software solutions. They want stability, reliability, security, scalability, and speed. They can get there today with serverless architectures that rely heavily on virtualization and containerization, distributed systems, and microservice-based architectures.

To achieve competitive application performance, scalability, and analytical sophistication, many financial-services providers are turning to in-memory computing solutions. This white paper will discuss the increased expectations of investors, the new challenges providers are facing, and how providers can gain the edge they need with solutions such as the GridGain in-memory computing platform.
One way to evolve eCommerce technology is to make it as fast, available, and scalable as possible. This white paper discusses how an in-memory computing platform can accomplish this, while both providing competitive advantage and addressing the issues that eCommerce developers face.

Bitcoin and blockchain, the digital-ledger technology behind this electronic currency, are generating enormous amounts of interest in the financial services industry. Most of the larger banks are investigating this area, and many technology companies are building platforms to enable blockchain technology for financial services firms.

This white paper discusses how incorporating Apache Ignite into your architecture can empower dramatically faster online analytics processing (OLAP) and online transaction processing (OLTP) when augmenting your current MySQL infrastructure. Read this white paper to learn more about how Apache Ignite can eliminate the pain points of MySQL.

Spread betting offers some compelling advantages, including low entry and transaction costs, preferential tax treatment, and a diverse array of products and options. Traders can bet on any type of event for which there is a measurable outcome that might go in either of two directions – for example, housing prices, the value of a stock-market index, or the difference in the scores of two teams in a sporting event.

Financial fraud detection and prevention is not a simple task, and firms must tackle it simultaneously with other crucial tasks such as ensuring regulatory compliance. To accomplish these data-intensive tasks in a timely manner, financial firms need solutions that are flexible, scalable, reliable, and fast enough to analyze extremely large datasets in real-time.

It's hard to improve the customer experience when your existing applications can't handle the existing loads and are inflexible to change. This webinar is Part 2 in our In-Memory Computing Best Practices Series. It focuses on the most common first in-memory computing project, adding speed and scale to existing applications. 

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Learn how companies have been using GridGain and Apache Ignite to add in-memory speed and unlimited horizontal scale to SQL with no rip-and-replace of the underlying database.

In this webinar Alexey Zinoviev, Apache Ignite ML contributor for GridGain will talk about new 2.7 release of Apache Ignite and present the new features that are added to Ignite ML modules.

In the second phase of his presentation he will introduce what a Java programmer needs to do and understand in a typical Big Data and ML projects.

In this webinar you will learn:

- How to choose features

- How to encode features

- How to scale

- How to  clear and fill in the missed values

- How to evaluate the quality of the model

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Вебинар посвящен особенностям распределенных систем, связанных с шардированием как методом обеспечения горизонтального масштабирования. В рамках вебинара Артем Шитов, GridGain Solutions Engineer, расскажет про:

In this presentation, attendees will learn about Apache Ignite and the GridGain in-memory computing platform, which is built on Apache Ignite, and about the key capabilities and features important for financial applications, including ACID compliance, SQL compatibility, persistence, replication, security, fault tolerance, fraud detection and more.

Once your Apache® Ignite™ or GridGain® cluster goes in production, you will need to keep an eye on its state. You will also have to manage your deployment throughout its lifetime. These tasks might seem challenging, but managing and monitoring distributed systems is not cumbersome if you have a right toolkit.

In 1-hour webinar, Andrey Evsukov, Head of Operations at GridGain Systems, will:

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На вебинаре мы рассмотрим принципиальные различия вертикального и горизонтального масштабирования баз данных, диктуемые этими различиями особенности архитектуры. Сравним, как эта возможность реализована в самых популярных open source проектах и коснемся приципиальных характеристик, на которые нужно обратить внимание при проектировании архитектуры.

Learn the best practices used for real-time stream ingestion, processing and analytics using Apache® Ignite™, GridGain®, Kafka™, Spark™ and other technologies.  Join GridGain System’s Director of Product Management and Apache Ignite PMC Chair Denis Magda for this 1-hour webinar