Boost Software and SaaS with In-Memory Computing



Businesses have a long wish list for their software solutions. They want stability, reliability, security, scalability, and speed. They can get there today with serverless architectures that rely heavily on virtualization and containerization, distributed systems, and microservice-based architectures.

Unfortunately, many software and SaaS development projects have been hardware constrained. In particular, memory used to be a gating factor. The high-cost component made achieving optimal application speed, especially in real-time analytics environments, extremely expensive. Now, however, with memory prices lower than ever, it is possible for businesses to use memory to house data and perform superfast processing and analytics. This gives businesses real-time window into a single source of truth that helps them make better and more timely decisions. 

An in-memory computing platform delivers a highly scalable and high-performance experience featuring high-speed transactions and real-time analytics across a variety of data stores and applications. When those two toolkits come together, the possibilities for developers to point their businesses on a path to growth and success are limitless.  

This white paper discusses how an in-memory computing platform like GridGain and Apache Ignite can boost software and SaaS solutions.