Supercharge eCommerce with In-Memory Computing


The growth of eCommerce over the past 20 years has been nothing short of breathtaking. It continues to grow at an astonishing pace, pushing innovations in technology, logistics, and marketing to fascinating new levels. 

Retailers trying to grow their online businesses face numerous challenges in highly competitive markets. Customer retention and revenue growth depend on how fast users can find, configure, and buy the item they want, perhaps with a push from real-time personalization that creates a unique shopping experience for each shopper. Site speed at scale is crucial, and high availability is a critical factor in providing consistent performance no matter how heavy the user load becomes.

One way to evolve eCommerce technology is to make it as fast, available, and scalable as possible. This white paper discusses how an in-memory computing platform can accomplish this, while both providing competitive advantage and addressing the issues that eCommerce developers face.